Where did we lose our intellect in this world?

Where did we lose our intellect in this world?

It is said that Bharat was a golden bird earlier. Great glory of India is sung. Everywhere is peace and harmony in this ancient world. We had a beautiful intellect.

But Now a days, due to disturb intellect, sin keeps on growing in the whole world. We are also harming the nature. Now nature is harming us. Every activity which we do, we get the consequences of the same. We have harmed the environment and now we are facing the big issues of the environment like global warming, scarcity of water, water pollution, air pollution, uncertain raining etc.

We are polluting the world with our negative thoughts and emotions too. That is why we say sometimes that ‘your intellect is corrupted’, ‘Buddhi bhrasth ho gaya hai’.

When somebody drinks wine, he or she could not able to take right decisions in their lives due to bad intellect power. We do various things in our lives from which our intellect is affected. Addiction affects our mind and intellectual power.

It hurts it and become one reason to loose our intellect. In the same kind, we eat something which is not good for our body, it hurts our mind and intellect. Suppose, we eat food with negative vibrations, it affects our intellect and lower down its decision skills like addiction. There are various bad habits which affects our mind and intellect which are kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego), Ishya(Jealous), Hate, Corruption etc.

These all are enemies of our mind and make it peacelessness. And at last, we start saying and praying to GOD that ‘o God, give us peace’. It is all about controlling our mind by lowering down the number of thoughts.

It is the practice which we have to perform to get back our good mind and intellect. It is proved that Rajyoga meditation works good in this regard. There are many peoples around the world who have been practicing the Rajyoga meditation to control their mind in Brahmakumaris.

Where did we lose our intellect in this world?
Where did we lose our intellect in this world?

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