What is Love? Conditional Or Unconditional?

What Is Love?

We know that what is love, and everyone has answer of this question. Now the question is what conditional love is and what is unconditional love?

What is Love? Conditional Or Unconditional?
What is Love? Conditional Or Unconditional?

When do people love you conditionally? What do you do?

When people love us conditionally, we will also love conditionally. When your beloved loves you unconditionally, you will feel the best gift in the world. Somewhere, beloved also loves conditionally, this relations does not exists long.

What do you say? What is the best gift which you give to your family?

I am thinking that unconditional love is the best love which we do to others and then other do the same. Why am I quoting this? I am just sharing my Rajyoga meditation experience. I used to be in anger always. But after practicing the Rajyoga Meditation, I am feeling very good and experiencing the true loves of the GOD.

GOD Says, Give Love and Receive Love.

Do You Love Others Unconditionally?

We only love our family in respect of that return love, or we love our family unconditionally. If you truly love your family then you must have thought about life insurance for the protection of them after your death. It will the best gift ever which you give to your family. It will ensure your family protection or security after your death. It will secure their life in term of money or life standard.

I know one family in which husband used to love a lot to his wife and he could not able to give anything to her due to his poorness. His earning is very low.

Sign of True Love

I really felt true experience of Love when I started practicing the Rajyoga Meditation mentioned in the Geeta. GOD is the ocean of love and we always get love from the GOD.

In our living life also, when we are in true love then there is no selfishness there. We respect each other. It can be one sided also. So, we need to change ourselves if someone does not love you unconditionally. On that condition also, we need to give love them always. Because we are the child of the GOD and GOD always loves you in any condition.

What is the true meaning of unconditional love –

1. A love that is limitless, without any boundaries and without any fixed demands.

2. A love that does not see the other’s weaknesses and instead loves their qualities.

3. A love that is blissful, strong and with no hidden fears and insecurities.

4. A love that adjusts and moulds according to the other person and is willing to sacrifice.

5. A love that feels God and brings His goodness and big-heartedness in a human relationship.

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