Get Rid of Insomnia, Depression and Nightmare

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Nightmare Or Thought?

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Friends, this question has been asked in Quora and I want to write and share this article to you with all brothers and sisters. Our thoughts are responsible for our sorrow. We have to finish and calm down our thoughts before sleeping. It becomes the reason for nightmare, insomnia and depression. Now, the question is that What is the best way to get rid of a nightmare or thought?

How To Get Rid of Nightmare?

In this article, I want to answer to get rid of insomnia, depression and any other mental problem. I am a student of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Godly University. I am a spiritual student. I am trying to answer from my experience.

Bad dreams every night meaning

Are you the one who sleep and start seeing the bad dream? If we have the problem of seeing bad dreams everyday. We have to think over it? Why do we see bad dreams? What is dream? Friends, we have an hard disk(memory) in our soul. When we see anything, our memory stores it in the picture format in our mind. And based on these memories(positive or negative, waste etc), it will create dreams at night. We sleep and our mind is still working. What about that sleep when we do not see any dream? This sleep is 2-3 hours long. It is very dark sleep. You can learn about dreaming in the following article written by me.

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Lucid Dreaming: Why Do We Dream At Night?

How to get rid of nightmares spiritually?

We are all souls and the children of the Almighty Authority. Souls have three subtle organs: Mind, Intellect and Impression(habit). Mind create thoughts, Intellect take decisions and based on thought and decision, we do karma. And when we repeat the same karma more than 1 or 2 times, it has become our impression(habit or sanskara). Souls do karma from these three subtle organs and based on karma it is called Papaatma, punyaatma, mahatma, devaatma etc. Why am I sharing this? I am sharing this to understand the working style of our soul. You can check this video to understand in details.

Rajyoga Meditation 02 | Three Faculties of Soul | BK Shivika

Now, come to the answer of this question that what can we do If we could not able to sleep, how to get rid of nightmare or thoughts etc.

How to stop bad dreams at night

From waking up to night sleep, our mind creates thoughts the whole day. It creates negative thoughts and positive thoughts both. We need to focus and gives attention to our mind. What is our mind doing? Where is it involved? Like a child, if we do not care, the child can do anything and go anywhere. So, we need to be careful of our child. In the same kind, we have to give attention to our mind. When our mind is involved in waste things, materials, negativity, wrong karma, bad company etc, it creates high number of thoughts which are higher than normal number of thoughts. That is why it creates mental problems and become cause of insomnia, depression or nightmare.

We can not stop our thoughts. We have to dissolve it before sleep. And the whole day, we have to imbibe positive lifestyles. Before sleep, give yourself some high vibration words after finishing all wrong and negative vibration thoughts. We can handover everything to GOD and practice this before sleep. We can do this, we take care our full day what are we watching from our eyes the whole day? What are we seeing our mobile phones, social media, news media etc. We have to keep attention.

Tips For Making Sleep Peaceful And Blissful

  1. Meditate For A Few Minutes Before Sleeping
  2. Reduce Mobile Phone Use And TV Viewing Before Sleeping
  3. Thank God For The Day And Clear All Burdens Before Sleeping
  4. Visualize A Circle Of Positive Energy Around Your Bed And Experience An Affirmation Before Sleeping
  5. Avoid Talking Too Much And Unnecessary Conversations Before Sleeping

It will stop nightmare. We at Brahmakumaris, practice this meditation daily. We practice the Rajyoga meditation daily basis. This is the best remedy to get rid from mental problems, insomnia, depression and nightmare. I am sharing this useful video on sleep management. We must need to know about this sleep management to cure nightmare completely.

Sleep Management – Cdr Shiv Singh (Security Wing) Brahma Kumaris

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