What is Depression? How to Finish it?

What is Depression? How to Finish it?

Divine Brothers and Sisters, I am going to share these videos with you. If you watch this videos, you will never be depressed. Check out these videos below.

What Is Depression?

Depression is nothing but a deep emotional feeling based on our negative thoughts. This is a kind of disease which will not let you feel happiness. This will stop you to feel inner peace and joy.

Let’s example: A Chakravyuh(trap) of negativity, waste thoughts etc. We have to care so much when we start thinking negative or waste. We have to change into positive at once so that we do not go into this trap. This trap has many internal doors and every door can put you in danger.

How To Finish Depression?

I have really felt experience to remove depression. We have to follow very strict lifestyle like army. If the patient affected from depression could not able to do anything, we can help them to follow disciplined and pure life.

According to me, these are some checklists:

Early morning meditation

Spiritual study

Follow celibacy

Eat food and vegetarian food

Morning and evening walk with some exercise

Mind Exercise(Meditation with commentary, mind games etc)

Always keep your mind busy in positive thoughts and healthy activities work

How is your mood today?

We know that our moods are changing hour by hour. Why? Why are we not stable? It depends upon our mind and intellectual which is equal to soul. Our soul is loosing energy day by day by our bad karma. Do you feel that when you do good things and satisfied, you feel very good that day. And, when you do bad things, you feel bad that day and you are not satisfied that day.  What is the reason of changing moods?

We always take care about our physical health, physical body but do not take care of our mental health and our soul(battery of our body). Your mental health will decide your mood. Ill Mind makes us depressed and have many physical illness. And, depression and other mental health problems contribute to many physical diseases like abdomen disorders, insomnia (sleeping issue) and many more health issues.

Did you feel that when you are so happy, you never be angry on anybody. And when you are sad someday, even you become angry on small things. What is the reason behind this? So, our emotions, mood depends upon our mental health.

We are not physical body, we are an energy(Soul), which we have to charge daily basis like daily food and cell phone battery. It will make our mind healthy, wealthy and wise. If you want to charge your soul on daily basis, meditation will help you. And Rajyoga Meditation is the oldest and proved technique to charge up your soul and make your mind healthy. You can learn Rajyoga Meditation in your nearest Brahma Kumaris centers.

There are many more technique like physical exercises, eat healthy diet, other kind of meditations, yoga etc which makes our brain strong and happy but its a temporary solution. If our soul has five vices(thieves) like lust, rage, greed, attachment and conceit, then our mind can not be happy forever. Practicing the Rajyoga meditation will help our soul to control over these vices and make our mind healthy forever.

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