Mantras To Improve Concentration

What are some mantras to improve concentration?

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The answer lies within us. We want to improve concentration. it means we had very good concentration power some years ago.

Now we have to find the reason, how did we loose it? We have to compare our lifestyles from our previous lifestyles. We will find the answer. And after that apply the same, it will be automatically in its purest form. Rajyoga meditation course will be helpful in this regard. Visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre.

What Is Concentration?

Concentration is the power which allow us to focus on something without disturbing our mind from anything else. Now a days, peoples are multi tasking like computer. They want to become computer. But it can disturb the mind and can increase disease in our body. People always used to say this also that we should do everything by concentrating. Focus on one thing at a time. This is good for health. When we focus on something, do not let your mind to create another thought. No body, nothing will attract your mind at the time of concentration. Concentration is very important to get success in any goal of life.

How Is Our Concentration?

One short story of a scientist, one scientist was doing research and he was so busy on that research. He was fully concentrated. His wife thought and did not include salt in the food. He did not care and took his food without any question. And this went on like this for three months. After three months, he asked about salt in the food. She asked, is your research completed? He said, yes. How did you know? She said, I was not including salt since three months. So, the purpose of this story is to say, this is called concentration. Concentration should be like this. Now, we have to check our concentration power at our end. How is this?

We can see one more example of passing the Sun rays through the convex lenses into one paper. When it is done with fully concentration, the paper burns. Concentration should be like this.

Mantras To Improve Concentration

Some GOD’s Quotation

Avyakt Murli 12/12/83

The attainment of all powers through concentration.

The one thought at the same time – this power of one concentrated thought is extremely elevated. This power of concentration of the one thought of the gathering enables you to achieve whatever you want.

Where there is the power of concentration, all powers are also there. Therefore, concentration is the key to easy success. The power of concentration of even one elevated soul can work wonders. So, just imagine what the power of concentration of many elevated souls in a collective form can achieve!

Where there is concentration, there will also naturally be greatness and clarity. Concentration is essential for the invention of anything new, whether it is an invention of the physical world or a spiritual invention. Concentration means to stabilise in one thought; it means to be absorbed in the love of One.

Concentration easily frees you from wandering around in many directions. For as long as your power of concentration is stabilised, for that long you will easily have forgotten your body and the physical world, because your whole world for that time is that in which you are totally engrossed.

Have you experienced such power of concentration? With the power of concentration you can enable a message to reach any soul; you can invoke any soul; you can catch the sound of any soul; you can give your co-operation to any soul while sitting far away.

You do know about this concentration, do you not? Let there be no thought apart from that of the one Father. Let there be the experience of all attainments of the whole world in the one Father. Let there be just the One. To become concentrated by making effort is a different stage.

However, to become stabilised in concentration is a very powerful stage. Even one thought in such an elevated stage gives you many experiences of being equal to the Father. Now experiment with this spiritual power and see for yourself. For this, you definitely need the tool of solitude. When you practise this, then, in the final moments when there is upheaval in all directions, when you become lost in the depths of One, you will then experience solitude in the midst of upheaval.

My Contemplation on the same

GOD says, the power of concentration can give you all kinds of powers like decision power, power of withdraw etc. What is Concentration? It means, you are at just one thought at a time. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. When we at just one thought at time. It is a very strong power in the world. And this power comes from the Rajyoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris. We do the Rajyoga meditation for world peace and create one thought at time for long. If one person creates one single thought for long, it has long impact. So, if many person in the assembly create one thought at a time for long, what would be impact of this? It will be miracle. We can send positive vibration to any soul and earn blessings. The world will be changed by our concentration power. It has great power. But the question is this, how can we improve it. The Rajyoga meditation course will give you all information regarding the same. Spiritually, we can solve it and can improve our concentration power. Below, I am going to share some important mantras of life by which it will be improved. I have experienced the same in my life.

Avyakt Murli 15-11-2003

Concentration of the mind is lacking. The mind tours around a lot in-between, it wanders away. If it goes where it shouldn’t go, what would you call that? You would call that wandering, would you not? So, increase the power of concentration. Remain set on the seat of the stage of a master. When you are set, you don’t become upset. When you are not set, you become upset. Therefore, remain set on the seat of the various elevated stages. This is called the power of concentration with stability. Is this OK?

My Contemplation on the same

God says, concentration of the mind is lacking due to its waste thoughts. When we try to concentrate, our mind creates lot of useless and waste thoughts which create noise in our mind and do not let feel peace. So, in the Brahma Kumaris centers, we read the spiritual studies about soul. We get many useful and positive thoughts which create our elevated stage of the mind and intellect. So, we have to remain set on the seat of the various elevated stages which will increase the stability of the mind and intellect. And this improves our concentration power. Are you trying to concentrate your mind? Right? In which thought, are you going to concentrate? You should know this. The spiritual studies at Brahma Kumaris will guide you the same to create the right thoughts while you are improving the concentration power. If your concentration power will be improved and you can use it anywhere like studies, career, spirituality, social work etc.

Sakar Murli 30 April 2017

Constantly check that no type of confusion becomes an obstacle to your attaining peace and happiness. If there are the questions “Why?” and “What?”, then your mind can have no power of concentration. Where there is no concentration, there can be no experience of peace or happiness.

My contemplation of the same

God says, There should be no confusion at all in our lives. Why are we in confusion? If everything is fixed in this world. Can we change the world alone? No! GOD says, you can change the world too if you can change yourself first. Because there are many people who get inspiration from us. They watch us and follow the same in their lives. We can clearly see such people around us. So, think about them, if we have some bad habit, what vibrations are we spreading in the environment? So, getting confused is also not good. We should never create questions “Why?” and “What?”. We must have own strict goal in our lives which will awake you and do not let you sleep. This will increase concentration in our lives.

How To Improve Concentration Power?

Concentration power plays an important role in our lives. Suppose, we are going to participate in the race and the guide told us to complete the race within 3 minutes. This will become goal for us. And we will run accordingly. If the guide will say, you have to complete this race within 10 minutes, at what speed, will we run? That is why, goal is important in our lives to get success. We should take small goals in our lives and complete it on the right time and again we will make another goal. Aim of lives would be different it’s long term goal. So, making goal of lives can improve our concentration.

The power of fearlessness can also improve our concentration power. In this power, we have to be concentrated in one thought that I am a fearless soul. And only one thought at a time, there should not be any other thoughts. This is not a concentration. Concentration is to create one thought at a time. And the habit of creating one thought at a time will definately improve this.

There are many more thing and mantras which can improve our concentration power. I am going to discuss below.

Top Mantras To Improve The Concentration Power

  1. Spiritual Study(Food of mind and Intellect)
  2. Rajyoga Meditation Practice
  3. Pure Lifestyles
  4. Save yourself from social media & bad company

These are some mantras, by which we can develop our concentration power in any field to achieve success.

The Power of Concentration 

Lecture presented at the Department of Statistics, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 17 July 2013

1. Spiritual Study(Food of mind and Intellect)

Now, sweet friends, dear brothers and sisters, when we are are ready to improve my concentration power. And we see, concentration means creating one thought at a time. You create one thought and be in long in the same condition is called concentration power. Spiritual studies is very powerful knowledge and statement which is told by the GOD(GOD’s statement). There are many questions still unanswered like who am I(self realization)?, From where, do we come?, What is the purpose to come in this world?, Who is GOD?, When does the GOD come?, The World drama cycle, The Law of Karma etc. We can not improve our concentration power without these knowledge. When we visited the Brahma Kumaris center, we came to know each and everything about self realization and GOD’s realization.

Daily Spiritual studies and its contemplation keeps us away from waste thoughts. And waste thoughts reduces our concentration power and disturbs us. In Brahma Kumaris center, we read daily spiritual studies and imbibe good virtues in our lives. We have to feed our mind with the positive thoughts and spiritual studies makes our mind very positive.

2. The Rajyoga Meditation Practice

Now, we have to understand here that how can we improve our concentration power from the Rajyoga Meditation. Rajyoga meditation helps us to improve it. It teaches us to control our sense organs and thoughts. Rajyoga meditation teaches us such lifestyles which can save us from waste thought and helps us to concentrate on any such particular things. I could not able to concentrate on any thing. My concentration power was very poor. But after practicing the same, it is increasing now.

Pure Lifestyle

How can pure lifestyle can improve our concentration power. It has great connection with our thoughts power. When we take pure Satvik food, our mind has great vibration of peace. Because Satvik food has great power like ‘Prasad’ or ‘Amrit’ which is offered in the temple. These foods can help us to improve our focus. In some religious organizations and Gurukuls, they teach the students to maintain the pure lifestyles for better results in every field of life.

Save Yourself From Social Media & Bad Company

This is very crucial for concentration power. We see some students in the schools that they do not have too much friendship. They fully focus on their studies and get very good marks in examination. Now a days, it is the time of Internet and social media. These mediums can harm. We have to save ourselves from these if we want to focus on our goal. These mediums can disturb your mind and do not let you concentrate. The same is with the bad company. You are focusing on something and one of your friend called you for watching movie. What should be your reply to your friend? There are many students will go with their friends and leave their studies. There are some students who will give preference to their studies first. The same story of that scientist we can remind which I have mentioned above. So, we have to keep so much attention and save ourselves from social media bad effects. Science is boon for us, but at the same time, it will become curse.

Wonderful Class on The Power of Concentration


The basic things which we can do are: 1. Knowledge 2. Power 3. Pure Food and 4. Save ourselves from bad companies. These four foundations are necessary to make the strong pillar of the concentrations power. If we have very good knowledge, we are a great scholar but do not have power to follow the same. Also, a wrong food style will not let you to improve your concentration power. And last but not the least If we can not save ourselves from bad companies, Internet or social media, our time will be wasted in the absence of the concentration power.

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