Understanding Healthy Relationships

Understanding Healthy Relationships

People say, relationship is like mirror, once broken, it is hard to joint. Relationships should be healthy, how? I was watching the video of BK Shivani and she was telling the untold truth of the relationships of today’s time.

We all are aware about today’s any kind of relationships. It has become the cheap and bad quality mirror which is not strong. It is so fragile now a days. If one person marries and could not able to manage this relationship for long. Now a days, the divorce case is increasing very fast. Why is relationships broken? What is the basic reason to break any relationships? We have to understand relationships and why does it break?

Understanding Healthy Relationships

In relationships, I heard about sanskara which is prerecorded in our mind. You have your own sanskara and your partner has different sanskara. And, we start expecting with other on the basis of our sanskara. When it does not match, fight starts. In relationships, we do not have to expect anything. We have to accept the each other sanskara to make relationships healthy. Check out the video below for more details by BK Shivani Sister.

I am sharing the case which I have seen by my eyes. A husband and wife used to fight with each other on small things. They always have fight with each other. And this has become their habit(sanskara) to fight. I have researched this on the internet and found the class of BK Shivani on relationships which I am sharing in this post below. You can watch it also. So, both husband and wife used to fight, what should be the exact reason?

It’s all in our mind. Our mind is disturbed because of negative energy in our mind. It is also due to our bad sanskara recorded in our sub-conscious mind. We have to meditate and create positive thoughts. So, both husband and wife have to meditation and create positive thoughts for each other. If both are not doing, one can do this also. It will effect on the both sub-conscious mind.

Positive thoughts

I am a great & peaceful souls,
I am a powerful souls,
I am a sweet child of GOD,
He is also a sweet child of GOD,
He is a pure & peaceful soul

We are a soul and soul’s real nature is peace. Then, why are they fighting. Due to lack of energy in our soul, our soul has ego. And this ego is going to attack and they are fighting. We have to charge our soul with the god’s remembrance. It is called the Rajyoga meditation. It is fully proven and researched. The raja yogi lifestyle can change the life of both. And we should thank to Brahma kumaris organization which has been working on this project. They have helped many families from breaking relationships.

I have written about the Rajyoga Meditation and its experience. You can check out here.

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Understanding Relationships – BK Shivani (Hindi)

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