समय के राज़ – The Secrets of Time – Review – Brahma Kumaris

समय के राज़ – The Secrets of Time – Review – Brahma Kumaris

The secrets of Time, I am writing about this movie. I just watched this movie live on Awakening Tv and could not stop me to write my feelings. This is the wonderful way to tell the truth. No body wants to listen the truth now a days. They will say impure to themselves when they go to temple, church, or mosque etc and started praying in front of the GOD and deities but if you say them impure directly, they will be angry on you. We human being forgot ourselves and the creator almighty who made us. We starting making our own world and living life and says anger is natural.

This is our creation of this sorrowful world. We were deity and become human now. We say GOD is everywhere. Why are we calling him? From where, he will come. If he is here only. We do not know anything. We forgot him. In this short animation movie, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (A Godly university, working on universal brotherhood) has shared about the secrets of time and trying the give the answers of people’s questions(why? when? what? about the today’s time). People ask the GOD, O GOD, for how long will all these go on? When will the good time come again? Oh, Allah! have mercy! This is no longer bearable! There are number of questions which people used to ask to the GOD?

From this short animation movie, You will come to know about all the answers of such questions. You will be able to understand the truth. I came to understand that, we are all living life with falsehood. We do not know anything about ourselves, the GOD and the time circle of this world.

Each and every human being has been asking questions to the GOD or stuck in themselves(confusions). Somebody do not believe on GOD or on such things. They believe on science. When has science come? Before this, there were no lives? Science has also limitations. What is there beyond science? I would like to share this movie with my feelings and must say that you must watch this short animation movie to know answers of all the questions of the world. And I am so thankful to the GOD and Brahma Kumaris.

I am on the GOD’s side and I have to create this world like paradise.

Rajyoga Meditation Brahma Kumaris
Rajyoga Meditation Brahma Kumaris

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