Sankalp Se Srishti – Corona Mukti

Sankalp Se Srishti – Corona Mukti

Date: April 25, 2021 Posted by: admin In: Mental Care, Power Of Mind

Sankalp Se Srishti – Corona Mukti

Everywhere, Corona Warriors are giving their contributions. Now every body has to become Corona warriors. You can also become at your home only. Here we are talking about service from our thoughts. We can become also from our home only. Here I am sharing the two events by Brahma Kumaris where Corona Warriors have been joining and contributing their thought power called “Sankalp Se Srishti“.

It is very very important. Because, everywhere is the environment of negativity and fear. And It is not good vibration for liberation from Corona. If we want to be free from this critical situation, we have to show our thought power first. We have to be positive in any situation. We have to think, which we want to become in the future. As we think, we become.

Today dated 11-05-2021, GOD said the following and giving blessing:

May you make your awareness, attitude and vision alokik and become free from all attractions.

It is said: “As are your thoughts, so is your world.” Every thought of the special souls who are instruments to make the world new should be elevated, that is, they should be alokik. When your awareness, attitude and vision all become alokik, no person or thing of this world can then attract you. If it does attract you, there is definitely something missing in your spirituality. Alokik (spiritual) souls are free from all attractions.

Now, Here GOD says, make your awareness(smiriti), Attitude(vriti) and vision(drishti) alokik(elevated, positive) so that we can become free from all attraction. We ask freedom(mukti) from the GOD. What does this freedom mean?

We are slaves of our own thoughts. God says, “As are your thoughts, so is your world”. We are creating the environment from our thoughts power first. If anything we do, first of all, it comes on our mind. We create thought first, then say and they do. If we create thought of anger, we are creating and environment of anger. GOD says, make your awareness, attitude and vision elevated(alouik). Why? Because we are the ones who is going to create new world called paradise where purity, peace and prosperity are everywhere. Think? GOD is saying that you are responsible for the new world. So, how should our thoughts be? GOD says, remember the one GOD and remember the new world where you have to go. Rest of thing of this world will not attract you. Today, GOD is giving us the blessings and giving the way of liberation from all attraction and all souls would be connected to the one supreme soul. Because the Supreme authority is the liberator.

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