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Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners

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Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners

Rajyoga Meditation, I have learned this at the Brahma Kumaris Centre. I did not know about this meditation. When I came to know about this meditation, I visited the local Brahma Kumaris centre and participated the 7 days Rajyoga meditation course for free. Where I came to know about Yog. Yog means connection. Now question arises that to whom(GOD) we have to connect ourselves. And now, Raj+Yog, the yog which made us the king i.e. the self sovereign and the owner of my all sense organs. I am the soul which is the king of all body, sense organs and knowledge organs. I did not know about it. When I did the Brahma Kumaris 7 Days Rajyoga meditation course, I came to know the same. This meditation can make us the king. When my(Who am I? Soul) sense organs do not obey my order. I regret after doing wrong karma. When I am king, all the sense organs and knowledge organs must listen my words and obey my orders. So, Rajyoga meditation makes us king. That is why it is called Raj+Yog.

Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners

In beginning, I did not know anything about it. But after taking the course, I came to understand and felt bad about my mistakes which I was doing in my life. I did not treat my soul as a king. After learning this, I started practicing the Rajyoga meditation and feeling very good experience. I found my current life much better than my old life(before taking course). You can find many experiences of the Rajyoga meditation in the local Brahma Kumaris centre.

In this blog post, I will answer all the questions regarding the Rajygoa meditation.

Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners Guide

I have learned many mysterious things about the life and its cycle. I can now answer correctly of the following questions:

Who Am I?

From Where I have come?

Who is GOD?

Where does the GOD live?

When Can I meet the GOD?

When has GOD come?

How Can I Leave anger? etc

There are many such questions, which we should know the answers but do not know. When I can not answer such questions, how can my mind be peaceful? When I started learning the Rajyoga meditation, in beginning, they taught us and answered all the basics questions of lives like above mentioned. Suppose, I want to leave my addiction. I know nothing about this. We have to get knowledge about this first. In beginning of The Rajyoga meditation course, You will come to know about the same first and after that they taught me the basic practice of this meditation and follow in my real lives. Yes, we have to follow also in our lives. This is not the theory only. The Rajyoga meditation is a practical knowledge which we have to imbibe in our practical/daily lives.

How do you do RajYoga meditation?

The Rajyoga meditation is a kind of meditation in which you can practice it anytime and anywhere. This is a practices of mind and intellect in which we have to control our thoughts and divert the negative thoughts towards positive thoughts. When you do the Brahma Kumaris 7 days free Rajyoga meditation course, you will come to know the whole process and will come to know about the meditation and its practices for daily lives.

What are the benefits of RajYoga meditation?

Rajyoga meditation has many benefits. When I started learning about it, I came to know its benefits and daily uses. I am getting to many benefits of it in daily lives. Suppose, my anger is in control and practice is going on also. I was addicted of many things which are also in control. My life is being transformed from negative to positive life styles and living life like lotus. There are many vices like ego, hatred, negative thinking, jealous etc which is controlled by this meditation. It has many benefits, you will come to know the whole things in the 7 days free course in Brahma kumaris.

What is the purpose of Raja Yoga?

The purpose of the Rajyoga Meditation is to control our mind and intellect which will control our sense and function organs. Rajyoga meditation is the connection between soul and supreme soul which will charge the soul. Its main purpose is to make our soul pure and recharged. And pure soul has no vices (kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego or excessive pride)). Right now, there is no such soul(mind and intellect) which is pure and has no vices. And, one more thing, there is no such doctors available to cure such soul related problem. It can be cured by only the spiritual knowledge which can be obtained only by the GOD(Supreme teacher). Come to your nearest Brahma Kumaris center to get this knowledge in more details.

What is Brahma Kumaris Meditation?

Brahma Kumaris Meditation is nothing but the Rajyoga meditation in which we have to control our thoughts and divert it from negative to positive thoughts. Not only positive thoughts, we have to think the extra ordinary which is more than positive thoughts. These extra ordinary thoughts comes from the Brahma Kumaris 7 days free course. We can learn and practice this meditation anytime and anywhere. This Brahma Kumaris Meditation will bring positive changes in our lives and improve our lifestyles.

What are the steps of Raja Yoga?/Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners Steps

Step1: Learn The Basic Course Of The Rajyoga Meditation & Daily spiritual knowledge

Step2: Divine Virtues

Step3: Satsang

Step4: Purity By Mind, Word and Deed

Step4: Satvik Food(Pure Food)

Step5: Rajyog(Meditation Practice/Remember GOD/Yog)

Step6: Dharana

Step7: Sewa

Step8: Feel the super senses joy or pleasure

Step9: Achieve the goal of becoming devi-devtas(deity)

Rajyoga Meditation in Hindi(राजयोग मेडिटेशन)

राजयोग मैडिटेशन एक योग हैं जिसका मतलब होता हैं कनेक्शन(योग), इसमें हमें देह सहित देह के सर्व संबंधों को भूल आत्म स्वरुप में स्थित होकर बुद्धि में परमपिता परमात्मा की स्नेहयुक्त स्मृति रखना होता हैं जो ही एक वास्तविक योग हैं |

राजयोग हमें हमारें कर्मइन्द्रियों को राजा बनाता हैं, स्वराज अधिकारी बनाता हैं और स्वर्ग का अधिकारी बनाता हैं |

Raajayog maiditeshan ek yog hain jisaka matalab hota hain kanekshan(yog), isamen hamen deh sahit deh ke sarv sambandhon ko bhool aatm svarup mein sthit hokar buddhi mein paramapita paramaatma kee snehayukt smrti rakhana hota hain jo hee ek vaastavik yog hain | raajayog hamen hamaaren karmindriyon ko raaja banaata hain, svaraaj adhikaaree banaata hain aur svarg ka adhikaaree banaata hain.

Raja Yoga meditation Technique

Rajyoga Meditation technique is a technique in which a soul connects with the Supreme soul. Raja means king and Yoga means union. It is a meditation in which you can discover yourself and the GOD. And there relationship with the supreme. In this technique, we forget the material body and focus on our soul and remember the GOD. Our soul is charged from the Supreme Soul. In Rajyoga meditation, we create thought about the supreme soul. These all techniques are based on positive and spiritual thoughts. Before practicing meditation, we have to take 7 days course from the Brahma Kumaris center. It is not a devotion, it is a spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is the result of deepest devotion.

Rajyoga meditation PDF in Hindi

You will find the complete Rajyoga meditation course in pdf format in hindi. You will have to go to this link 7 days course pdf and find the course in pdf format.

Hindi Course

Day 1: आत्मा की पहचान – में कौन (Who am I ?)
Day 2: परमात्मा का परिचय (Introduction of GOD)
Day 3: ३ लोक कौन से है (The Three worlds)
Day 4: विश्व नाटक और चक्र (World Drama Cycle)
Day 5: मनुष्य सृष्टि एक उल्टा वृक्ष और 84 जनम
Day 6: कलियुग का विनाश – मनुष्य जीवन का लक्ष्य
Day 7: राजयोग की विधि – Method of Raja Yog
आत्मा की ८ शक्तियाँ
आत्मा के ७ मौलिक गुण

Rajyoga meditation PDF in English

You will find the complete Rajyoga meditation course in pdf format in English too. You will have to go to this link 7 days course pdf and find the course in pdf format in English language.

English course
Day 1: Who am I ? – Self Realisation (Soul)​

Day 2: GOD -a complete Introduction of Shiv baba

Day 3: Three Worlds (corporeal, subtle, incorporeal)

Day 4: World Drama and Cycle of 4 Ages​

Day 5: The eternal Law of Karma

Day 6: Raja Yoga (RajYog) meditation

Day 7: Seven Virtues of Soul and Eight Powers of Soul

Rajyoga meditation course by BK Shivani

Rajyoga meditation and the rajyoga meditation course by BK Shivani is the same meditation which is taught in Brahma Kumaris spiritual university. BK Shivani is the sister/Rajyoga teacher in the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. She suggest to practice meditation generally in the early morning and before sleep to calm down the thoughts for sleeping better. Rajyoga meditation gives you a peace and relax of mind. It can improve your relationships. Check out these videos:

Rajyoga meditation online Course

Rajyoga meditation is a meditation course conducted by The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in the whole world at the centers. You can do it online/offline. You have contact your nearby center and ask for upcoming classes. We have mentioned the 7 days Rajyoga meditation course topics above. It is absolutely free. You do not have to pay anything. You will understand this course much better when you will follow purity(mind, word, deed, food etc) while doing this course. Generally, the course timing is in the morning (6 to 10) and evening (4-8). You can contact the local center to confirm the timings. Generally, the course duration is 1 hour daily. You can find your local center here.

Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners: Meditation Commentary By BK Aditi

Rajyoga Meditation For Beginners

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