No Tobacco Day - 31st May - Time To Change

No Tobacco Day – 31st May – Time To Change

Date: September 25, 2020 Posted by: admin In: DeAddiction

Friends, I am sharing my thought on this and also share a live experience of some person who has left their tobacco habit addiction from the help of Rajyoga Meditation. There is not medicine required. It is all about the game of our mind. Brahma Kumaris gives training on mind and also teaches the rajyoga meditation which has been helping peoples to leave this addiction without any pressure. Why am I sharing this to you? Because I have experienced with this organization.

I am also taking this training. I have no any tobacco addiction but still taking training of this free rajyoga meditation course. Because every soul has five vices now a days i.e. kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego) which are also an addiction. The reason of each and every kind of problems in the world is five vices. The Rajyoga Meditation course has been helping souls to be free from these five vices. check out this video:

World No Tobacco Day | Dr.Sachin Parab | 31 May 2020

Death From Addiction

I am so mercy full and become emotional to see the deaths of my 3 maternal uncles from addiction of wine, Gutkha and tobacco. I did not know about Brahma kumaris that time. But right now, I know each and every projects of Brahma kumaris. This organization has been doing many social works and working for society. It has helped us too. My father used to take tobacco since long. But he has left this addiction without any medicine. Brahma Kumaris spiritual studies and rajyoga meditation helps a lot to leave any kind of addiction like, tobacco, wine, *drug, bidi, cigarette, online internet addiction, video games, five vices etc. You can contact any nearby Brahma Kumaris centre for this.

Brahma kumaris has its own national level project on deaddiction and has been working with the Government DeAddiction project. The medical wing of Brahma Kumaris

I have conducted many DeAddiction exhibition Of Brahma Kumaris with the help of my local centre. If you also want to conduct this awareness program, contact your nearby regions. Brahma Kumaris has over 8000 locations in 110 countries and more than 1 million daily students. You can find the centres here. You are living in any countries, you can contact this deaddiction awareness campaign in your region and participate in making addiction free world.

DeAddiction Live Experience

I also want to share this experience of deaddiction. In our godly university Brahma kumaris, God says, Sankalp se srishti. The world becomes what we create thoughts. Thoughts have great power. We can help anyone to leave their addiction by our thought power first. First of all we need to create positive affirmation in our mind with strong determination. We can create and send positive vibration to the person who has this addiction and heal them.

I have done it practical for our family members. I have created strong thoughts firstly that that relative is a great soul and he can leave his addiction. He is a powerful, peaceful and pure soul. He is a sweet children of god. And then we start sending this positive vibration to that soul. As we think, we become and our society become. It works. Check this video to understand:

Heal The person who are addicted

How can you help someone to leave addiction?

As I created thought for that soul. I have started sending positive vibration. Now that soul received my thought and start acting on leaving addiction of tobacco and wine. Finally that soul left the addictions of tobacco and wine. Thank GOD for giving my such knowledge by Brahma Kumaris to leave any kind of addiction and also we help others to leave this addiction by The Rajyoga Meditation and spiritual study.

I have seen my three maternal uncle death by my eyes. I have promised to GOD to serve the world and will help others also to leave any kind of addictions and make world paradize.

If you are reading this post and you have also any kind of addictions, you can visit the Brahma Kumaris nearby centres and start walking on the path of paradise.

Now, I am sharing a meditation video, you can start meditation with this video. In starting, do many times in a day.

Quit Tobacco – Now or Never | Guided Meditation | Awakening TV | Brahma Kumaris

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