New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Date: January 16, 2022 Posted by: admin In: Spirituality

I am here to share the New Year Resolution. I am thinking about this. Even everyone thinks about some new resolution in their lives. On 31st December, peoples think and creating good thoughts. They want to remove their vices which is not good. They create good thoughts and try to implement from 1st January. I also made my plan which I will follow the whole year.

For example, I was not doing exercise daily. I also feel, that we should do exercise on daily basis which will make us healthy. But due to some reasons or due to laziness, we did not follow this lifestyle. So, this can become the new resolution of new year. I will share such thing in further.

New Year Resolution List

  1. Do Exercise, Jogging, Sun bath, sun gazing daily
  2. Do meditation daily
  3. Leave any type of addiction
  4. Early to bed and early to rise
  5. Make myself safe from any negative news, negative or waste thoughts or negative social media
  6. Make the habit of healthy food style.
  7. Daily Motivational and Spiritual Study.

What To Do?

From how many days, are you thinking about this? When are you going to start exercise? What is the reasons, you are not following the same? Do we know, this is good habit. I thought, and started following the same from 1st January and we got success. This is not as simple we think. We have to start working on the same. We have to make a list of benefits of the exercises, Jogging, Sun bath or sun gazing.

Now We have to make a list of losses. How much have we lost yet if we were not doing the exercises? Now make a plan to implement the same. Just have a dairy and pen and start writing your daily routines. In which, what will be the time of exercise and how long? What will be the time of long walk or jogging? When we are going to do sun gazing?

The matter is not closed here, now we have to check and give attention on daily basis. It is not so simple to make a new habit. When we already implemented and just write the chart on daily basis to check and change. And also give praise to yourself to motivate.

Do meditation daily

When we talk about meditation. What do people think about it? Yoga, Meditation… No, we are not interested. This is not for me. It is a myth. Even a child can practice the meditation. Meditation means charging my own battery(energy or soul). How do the meditation charge our battery(soul)? It is like connecting my energy to the Supreme energy. We loose our battery or energy by day to day activities. But we are not charging it. When we do something which is not expected and we repent on the same later on. This is the symptoms of discharge cell. There are many such activities which we do, after that we are exhausted. Then we ask for meditation or Yog.

Any Addictions?

Now, we have to check and change immediately. If any type of addiction if we have, we have to leave it right now. We are free from all old and bad habits. This is liberation. What are you thinking of? This would be the best time when we can think of it.

Early to bed and early to rise?

This is the best resolution in which we can work. Most of the people have such issue of not getting up early. They want to getup early but could not.

Make myself safe from any negative news, negative or waste thoughts or negative social media

In this resolution of new year, we have to make ourselves very safe from any type of negative news or any wrong social media viral news or post. This will impact hard on our mind. If we run any social media account or use internet, we have to care a lot. We have to use it only for any urgent online work and become detach from it.

Make the habit of healthy food style

We have to check our food diet and its impact on our body. Are we addicted to any food? We have to check and change. Food is the biggest addiction in our lives.

Daily Motivational and Spiritual Study

Now, we have to understand the importance of spirituality and daily spiritual study in our lives. It is a nector, when we start taking it, our all ignorance will be removed. In Brahma Kumaris centre, a daily spiritual class is conducted. You can also join there. It boosts our mental and emotional health also. That is why we have to take daily spiritual knowledge.

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