Positive And Negative Effect Of Online Video Games On Student Academic Performance

Positive And Negative Effect Of Online Video Games On Student Academic Performance 

Students love to play online games and most are very adept in getting through some of the most complex games, winning them step by step and becoming a champion.

There is no problem with simply playing videos games till when you are not addicted to this. Addiction of playing video games becomes disorder. But, who will tell you that you are addicted. Your parents or your friends? When we are addicted to anything, we could not able to feel ourselves. Your parents or good friend will tell you the same upon watching your behave.

Effect of online games to academic performance

From this post, I want to help all people, parents, friends who are anxious from playing video games online and want help. Who can help? Obviously GOD! Their parents are asking help from the GOD. I know one family in which a younger daughter have been addicted of PUBG game and her parents are crying to see this. They are praying to GOD that O! GOD! Please save my child. Whenever they tell to their child not to play video game and concentrate on study, the child started fighting with them. They are fedup with her and came to our Brahma Kumaris Centre and asking for help. I will tell you below that How Brahma Kumaris teacher helped them in this case.

Now a days, in this Kaliyuga, lot of peoples are getting addicted to online video games like PUBG or social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And day by day, mental diseases are increasing. I think, in each home, there is one mental patient, you will find. Each day, we read news related to video games addiction disorder in newspaper. The case of mental diseases, suicide, depression, divorce, violence, family violence and murder are increasing day by day from this video games disorder. That is why, WHO(World Health Organization) decided to put this video games addiction to official mental disorder in 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Here is the official link:

Video Game Addiction Becomes Official Mental Disorder in Controversial Decision by WHO

What kind of an impact do these games have on students?

Let’s look at the positive as well as negative impact of online games on students.

Video Games Addiction Recovery Tips
Video Games Addiction Recovery Tips

Positive Effects of Video Games

  • Online games teach students how to think logically as they have to analyze the given game problem and work out a solution. They have to think in a step wise way to win a particular game level which increases their ability to derive solutions for academic problems in the same way
  • Students who regularly play online games learn to mange computer very adeptly as they get used to a sophisticated screen in which they are posed questions, asked to choose from a set of answers, learn browsing, login tasks, dexterously use the mouse pointer to complete tasks etc. Hence when they take to the real computer screen very confidently and easily find their way through it.
  • Some computer games can actually teach students tasks such as gardening, CPR, math calculations, scientific experiments, puzzle solving, first aid and other such important activities which can be useful suddenly in a real time scenario. By finding their way through a complex game, their mind can develop to solve a similar mathematical or scientific problem in the same way
  • Since information is presented to the student in a fun way, they find learning easy and are able to quickly absorb important matter than when the same is read from a textbook or even written in the classroom blackboard. It also brings out innate creativity which can lead to various types of improvements in their personality
  • Research reveals that children with attention deficit disorder perform better, learner faster and feel confident by playing online games regularly.  As they have to focus on the game sequence, memory and concentration increases which in turn helps them to better interact and learn from the society around them

Negative effect of online games to academic performance

Negative Health Effects Of Video Games

  • Online games can negatively impact students by making them addicted to game playing. Such can become their mental and emotional dependence on online game play that even a single day cannot go without playing. Such is the hold of the games that students spend hours playing them rather than concentrating on studies or completing their homework.
  • Violent themed games can actually cause a lot of mental depression, move a person towards agony and also develop negative feelings and emotions, which can lead to behavioral problems in school as well as in the friends circle
  • Playing online games for hours results in poor eyesight, back pain, neck problems and other related health issues. It can also cause a person to need the thrill of a playing a game to get over emotional problems. Instead of meeting with people, making friends and getting to know one another better, lots of time is spent alone in playing thrilling games, isolating the person from society. Apart from this, worsen learning ability, concentration problem, poor academic performance and decreased interaction, physically weak.

Watch Video Games Addiction Video

16-Year-Old In MP Dies While Playing PUBG

About PUBG Mobile Game And Why Is It Important To Avoid It?

Out of the many multiplayer online games, a very important one that is highly popular with the young crowd is PUBG or Player’s Unknown battleground.  

The attractive environment is the reason why children get interested in so much.  The game revolves around hundred players with guns who have to keep playing till only one is left standing. It’s a violent game, one that builds emotions on vengeance and hatred.

PUBG Mobile Game

Such is the addictive nature  of this game that a large number of children take to it but without thinking how such continuous gaming will affect their mental and physical well being.

It is available on both iOS and Android platforms due to which it can be easily accessed. However with the huge outcry against its negative impact of children in India and China, steps have been out in place to have  it locked out the hands of kids below thirteen years of age.  

In India, this game has been recommended for barring by the National Child Rights Commission due to its extremely violent nature. In fact about 10 students have been arrested in western India for playing it. According to Navbharat Times many children have lost their mental balance by playing this game.

Warning Signs of PUBG Addiction

The primary concern with PUBG mobile game is that it develops negative emotions which pulls down a child’s developing personality through its warring ideas. The game environment fosters fighting and other similar activities, which has a negative impact on the brain.

So what happens if a user under the age of 13 has accesses the game? The second the screen opens, it will show a digital lock which can be operated upon only whne the child has permission from a parent or guardian.

When children start getting addicted to PUBG what happens is that they drop out of the social scene. They are not interested in talking to people anymore and furthermore, communicating in a healthy way is not present. Adding to this is the fact that the child becomes very irritable, losing interest also in studies and even eating on time.

PUBG Addiction : A Parent Guide

With reduced physical activity due to game playing and also is the risk of obesity. Research shows that students playing PUBG continuously show low grades. Why?  It slows down ability to focus and grasp matters quickly.  There are also accounts of teenagers passing away due to intensive playing.

Such is the hold that PUBG has on children that they forget about outdoor activities and sports which gives them health and stamina and also enhance psychological development. Instead it makes them unnecessarily aggressive and also distracts their mind, leading to poor personality development and many psychological problems. 

Parents are best advised to keep their children totally away from this particular game and have it never installed in their mobile phone. Furthermore, enrolling them into extra curricular activities and other types of similar classes will help develop the right skills, enhance their focus and improve mental concentration. 

Things to Do To Leave This Addiction

  1. Give Time To Your Children
  2. Do not leave them alone
  3. Give some reference books related to motivation, spiritual etc
  4. Make themselves busy in developing extra curricular activities like singing, painting, yoga classes, dancing, playing guitar, tabla etc.
  5. Train your children to play outdoor games
  6. Rajyoga Meditation is the best practice to leave this addiction fastly, come to any Brahma Kumaris centre to start practice this meditation. Check out Guided Meditation For Healing Illness and start practice.
  7. Go and Spend some time to your children in holidays or morning walk.



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