Mental Health: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, PUBG Addiction

Mental Health: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, PUBG Addiction

Date: September 25, 2020 Posted by: admin In: DeAddiction, Mental Care

Mental Health: Facebook Instagram Tiktok Youtube Pubg Addiction

I was thinking about these social media websites and the effect of these websites on students, teenager etc who has become addicted. What is our responsibility for them? What can I do for them? I started writing this post and sharing my words to the world.

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, PUBG Addiction

The development of science is very good but we need to understand the uses of science and its resources. Everybody is using this but without any learning. It is seen that the social media is also an addiction material. Even alcohol is sold with caution. So that people can understand the harmful effect of such things.

Peoples are using the social media wrong way, it is increasing depression, insomnia and the violence among teenager and students. It is very dangerous for our society. Let’s checkout the statement by WHO about depression.

At the same time, we are talking about cleaning our society, we also have to clean our mind and we have to clean the emotional pollution of our society. What is emotional pollution? When I am not cool, My mind is peaceless(disturbed), depressed, hurt. What am I spreading in our society? Now a days, due to social media and other reasons, everybody mind is so disturbed and depressed and due to this, they are spreading the same vibration of fear, ego, impurity, negativity, anger etc in our society. We are not feeling and worried about this pollution. This is very dangerous pollution for our society. We should think about this also.

I just thought about this negativity and social media addiction and its impact on our society. I saw some students who are addicted to some social media apps like Tiktok, Taka-tak, Pubg, Facebook, Instagram etc and they are not focusing on their study. I feel, this is the condition of almost 80% students in our society. Some students are very good and brilliant and focusing on their study and extra curricular activities. What is the responsibility of these 20% students for those 80% students who are wasting their time on such platform and others useless activities. We should think over it. We are all brothers and sisters and a child of Supreme Authority i.e. GOD. We should help such souls who are addicted and should give strength and proper guidance to do right karma based on Srimat(Godly knowledge).

When I saw those students, I really feel merciful about them that souls are doing such karma in the absense of right knowledge and strength.

GOD says, the value decreases when alloy is mixed into them. Just as the value of jewellery made with gold becomes less when alloy is mixed into it, in the same way, when the alloy of impurity is mixed into souls that are like pure gold, their value decreases. When souls are body-conscious, all the vices come into them and they have become powerless. Purity, peace and prosperity are missing from everyone’s life. GOD helps all souls filling strength and right knowledge. GOD gives us our introduction and says us that who is GOD?

We are all souls(energy) and GOD is the supreme soul(energy), supreme authority from which we have to charge our soul. He is the father of all souls. We call him teacher, guru, Satguru, friend etc. He gives us all the true knowledge about us, himself, the GOD’s home, this world drama, karma philosophy etc. You can get all the knowledge by visiting the nearby Brahmakumaris centre or you can do free online course for this set of knowledge. I will share the free 7 days online Rajyoga meditation course below.

How To Leave or Overcome Social Media Addiction?

Become Solution Oriented And Get Positive Knowledge

We do not have to discuss more about why, what, when and where? We have to become solution oriented and start spreading the positive vibration and awareness among all addicted people about all vices(kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego)) .

Recharge Our Soul

This is the bondage actually in which all souls are stuck and asking freedom(liberation) from the GOD when they worship. (Hey Bhagwan, HAME MUKTI DO). We ask peace, purity, prosperity from the GOD). So, what are we doing to recharge our soul? Due to low power of soul, addiction of many things are increasing day by day.

Physical body needs food, our mind also needs food. What is the food of our mind? i.e. Positive thoughts. Our souls also need food. What is the food of our soul? i.e. Godly knowledge. We eat food for our physical body and we do nothing for our mind and soul. That is why we could not able to take right decisions. Our intellectual power has become week due to hunger of godly knowledge(srimat) and power. We need to feed our soul so that it can become strong and can manage its sense organs well.

This is all about. So, now we need to recharge our soul. We should we do now? We need to learn recharging the soul. GOD says, I teach the souls the Rajyoga meditation to recharge them and make them impure to pure.

About Rajyoga Meditation to Overcome Addiction

We can learn this Rajyoga meditation in our nearby Brahma Kumaris Centres and start practice the same. I will give the online Youtube videos link to learn this meditation. I have been doing practice the Rajyoga meditation since 4 years and experience the same. There are many peoples who were addicted and started practice the same and they won over this addiction. Check out this article:

Nashe Se Mukti – Free From Addiction

Are You Addicted To Social Media?

Are You Addicted to Social Media ? ?? | Awakening with BRAHMA KUMARIS | Ep.03 Soul Reflections-

Check out this video of BK Shivani sister who has taught us well to understand this issue and solution.

Checking Your Soul’s Power

When we use social media excessively or any such activities where our soul’s power is decreasing. Although, our soul’s power is already decreased a lot and such activities(using science tool wrong way, reading negative news, wasting time etc) are reducing the power of soul too. The symptoms of low power soul are hate, jealous, anger, ego, lust, greed, attachment, corruption etc. And the symptoms of high power soul are purity(mind, words, deeds), knowledge-full, peace, prosperity, happiness, joy, power etc.

Right now, we have to charge our soul by the Rajyoga meditation where I(soul) connect with the Supreme soul(GOD) and recharge our soul. When we use the science tools with low power soul, we are addicted and could not able to take right decisions. So, when we recharge our soul first and then use the science tools, we will never be addicted to any such things.

I will share all the articles link below which I have written on deaddiction where I have shared my own experience also.

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