"Know Your Existence On Spiritual Journey" What Kind of Travel is this?

“Know Your Existence On Spiritual Journey” What Kind of Travel is this?

Date: April 24, 2022 Posted by: admin In: Spirituality

“Know Your Existence On Spiritual Journey”

What Kind of Travel is this?

Who Am I? and Who Is GOD?

Spiritual journey is the journey where we have very initial question in our mind that who am I? And there are many question related to this question comes in our mind. People started thinking about such types of spiritual question.

You may have many confusions reading all holy books and various kinds of spiritual books and novels. Still you do not get the answer of this question that ‘who am I’. When this situations come in our life, we have to think about it and should find the answer of such questions till the time when you do not get answers. These questions are very serious topic in our lives which do not let us sit idle.

How To Start A Spiritual Journey

We start finding such question in various places like spiritual books, novels, holy books. There are many people who has read all these but still not satisfied and still on the way in his spiritual journey. I want to share my experience in this post. I want to say that we should not loose hope. Where did I find answer of such question? I will share you in this post.

Know Your Existence On Spiritual Journey

When we even think about such questions, our spiritual journey starts now. We have to talk to GOD directly and never try to find answers of such questions outside. When we start talking with GOD with our full emotion and go inside in our spiritual travel. All answers are within us.

Silence is the key. When we go to silence, the whole universe started sending the thoughts answering the same. Scientist also share their spiritual journey about this. They say when I go to silence, I start catching the thoughts suddenly. I do not know, from where thoughts came. But after that I discovered a new thing from my research. This is called spirituality.

How To Go On A Spiritual Journey

This is the journey when I catch thoughts from the universe suddenly. When I was in childhood after the class 6th standard, I used to think that who am I and what are we doing here? Who is GOD? Why did I born here in this country? Since childhood, I started thinking about such questions. But When I completed my master degree and started doing my own business, then I got answers of such questions. I have researched a lot but did not get satisfied answers. But now I got the answer. I have been on spiritual journey.

I asked this question “What kind of travel is this?”.

I have traveled a lot in my life since childhood but the real travel which I am travelling is this spiritual travel, where I am completely satisfied now. This is a kind of travel where you are completely satisfied from your life, the work which you are doing, each and everything. You have become giver only and give happiness to others.

This is kind of travel where you are not dependent upon any outer things. You are not expecting anything from anyone. You do each and everything but you are a detached observer. We go on a travel in any local places or any other countries, but why? We go on travel to enjoy, spend some time, holidays tour, for happiness or we say I am fond of travel. I like travelling. Who are saying such things?

Spiritual Journey Stages

Who Am I?

The very first question which I was thinking about everyday every seconds. I am saying, watching, playing, eating, travelling etc . Who am I? We say this when someone dies “Praying that GOD grants peace to the soul of your dearly departed”. And our body has become dead. Now I found that I am not this body, I am a soul.

I always used to think about this question. I say, I am a leader, brother, husband, a business man, a employee etc. Which are not true. Then who am I? One day, I was reading newspaper and found about the Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University which is a word wide spiritual movement and dedicated to personal transformation(from material to spiritual) and world renewal. So, I found the information about it in local newspaper and went to the local center of this spiritual university.

I met with myself there. And, I realized about my energy(soul, jeevan, Ruh, Pran Urja). I am a soul which has its own nature called knowledge, purity, Love, peace, happiness, joy, power.

These are our real nature. Anger is not my nature. I say, I have my mobile phone, I am not a mobile. I say, This is my hand. I am not a hand. I say This is my body. I am not a body. I am a light which is also called soul which has three subtle parts mind, intellect and sanskara(habit, impression).

Mind thinks, intellect take decisions and based on this karma, our sanskara forms. This is the karma philosophy which we need to understand. For anything, first of all, we create thoughts for that. After that we speak and then starting acting based on that thought. When we are on spiritual journey, every thought, words, and deeds are same and gentle(100 percent following God’s instructions). We do not find happiness outside. We are always happy internally.

I have done research on this and found this video. Watch this video to know in details.

Sister Jayanti – Who Am I?
Sister Jenna – Who Am I? Brahma Kumaris USA

Who is GOD?

When I started going inside myself and eagerly talking to GOD to let me know that Who I am? Finally, GOD has given me this answer and realized me too. I never believe blindly to anyone. That is why researched a lot on this and finally came to know answer about this very first question.

Now I was thinking about this question that Who is GOD? I heard many things about the GOD, customs, religions, traditions and the way of the world from my childhood and still confused about the GOD. I heard about the GOD that GOD is one. But who is GOD?

Every religion has different concern. Now how is this possible that GOD is one for every religion. In Hindu religion, they worship many deities(GOD), in Islam, they consider Allah as a GOD, in Christianity, they say GOD is light and call GOD father as Jesus Christ taught them and recognize Jesus as the Son of GOD.

There are many religions in the world and all of them are their own considerations. When I visited the Brahma Kumaris center who teaches the world a Universal brotherhood. I realized and feel the GOD existence there. I came to know that GOD is one. I am a soul(a light, energy) then the father of the soul also a light(soul) but called The Supreme soul. That is why they say Jyotirlingam(Hindu), Allah is Noor(Light) (Muslim, Islam), GOD is light(Christian). I found many things about GOD here in this short sessions. Check out.

Who is GOD by Sister Jayanti – Brahma Kumaris USA

Spiritual Journey Guide

You can do the complete Brahma Kumaris free 7 days Rajyoga meditation course by visiting the nearby center or you can do it online. Experience matters, that is why need to consult any representative of Brahma Kumaris to feel this. It has near about 8500 centers in 140 countries.

When I started my spiritual journey, I started feeling internal happiness, purity, peace in my life and also learned that we do not need to find happiness and peace outside. It is inside us. We need to charge our energy(soul) with the supreme energy(GOD) which is called Rajyoga meditation which gives powers to our soul to live pure and happy life. This is the ultimate goal of our life in which we have peace and happiness every time. Spirituality teaches us the same. This post guides us on “Know your existence” i.e. self-realization, self-awareness in which we learn many great things. Thanks GOD.

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