Is celibacy required for spirituality

Is celibacy required for spirituality?

Date: July 20, 2021 Posted by: admin In: Celibacy

Who can ask this question? It means, you already know about celibacy and spirituality. Spirituality is nothing but living our lives with principles of the GOD. Follow principles of GOD in every aspects of life to become ever happy. What is needed in life? It is happiness, peace, joy, love etc. And we can not buy it. It is earned by our karma(deed which is done by following principles of GOD). I am talking about principles of GOD like honesty, truth, soul consciousness etc.

What Is Celibacy?

Now, Celibacy is nothing but purity of thoughts, words and deeds and part of holiness. In spirituality, it is very necessary to have purity. Without this, you could not be able to feel anything. Spirituality is the experiencing the inner light. Why am I telling this. If we are not pure in our thoughts, If we are not honest in our thoughts, words or deeds, we can not feel happiness.

Is celibacy required for spirituality?

Let’s come to the title directly that is celibacy required for spirituality? We are thinking too much on this. If we are interested in spirituality. We like this and want to walk on the way of spirituality. We have to have purity first. Our mind, word and deed should be in the purest stage. Since, we start walking on the way of spirituality, we start following the rules and disciplines. If we do not follow it, how can we experience our spirit and the GOD Father for which we have come towards spirituality. Purity of mind, word and deed is the highest stage than celibacy. Celibacy is the part of it which is automatically followed by us.

We are thinking about the universe and talking about the sky only here. We have to cross the sky first to touch the universe. Our aim object is too high to become Sri Lakshmi Narayana from a human being. This way of teaching makes us the same in the Brahma Kumaris Godly University. It teaches us the true soulful love which we do with the supreme. When our mind, word and deed are pure, we live safe and pure life with our relatives where we are self-confident and self-dependent. This increases the equality in our society.

We can understand the importance of spirituality in this way easily, when we have flower and it has not scent. Flowers without scent is like candle without light, food without taste. Spirituality is worthless without celibacy. It is the hardest truth. But, loving brothers and sisters, you do not think about it, you just start your journey with spirituality. Keep the aim of your spiritual life and move forward.

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