Is celibacy important in spirituality? What do all religions say about this?

Is celibacy important in spirituality?

When you are in love of GOD only, you want nothing. You do not bother about anything. Celibacy is way in which you practice the same to reach your goal of one GOD. When you are in the remembrance of the GOD only, why are you so much bother about this?

Practicing Brahmacharya

Now a days, it is the time when most of the people have impure intellect. And it is said that GOD comes to make our intellect pure. Celibacy must be needed in this impure time. This practice will help you to become pure. GOD says, Celibacy(Brahmacharya) is the first phase to become pure. Celibacy is having purity in our mind (in thoughts), purity of mouth (in our words) and purity of the physical body (being a Brahmachari). Purity is the higher stage of celibacy in which we become complete soul consciousness.

Is celibacy important in spirituality?
Is celibacy important in spirituality?

It will not do, when you want to remember GOD only and you are involve in *sexual activities. GOD says, we have to become like lotus in which we have to be clean and clear mind while living in this impure world. Till only, we will receive the GOD’s touchings, power and purity.

As per my experience celibacy is the technique by which people can concentrate to their goal and focus the mind. It is nothing but correcting your lifestyle. Brahmacharya(Jiska Acharan Brahma Jaisa Ho). In this practice, we have to grab only good manners in our lives. We can not compromise with good and bad manner both.

In spiritually, we try to connect with the supreme authority by lowering down or finishing the waste thoughts from our mind. Impurity is the thing by which your mind and intellect power is decreased. And in spirituality, we start practice with our mind and intellect first.

We work on our mind to remove waste and negative thoughts. I heard about that, Respected Rajyogini BK Dadi Janki Jee was the most stable mind woman in the world. And this is the world record. Now we have to decide that celibacy is important or not when we are following the path of spirituality, It is the highest state of mind in which people can connect themselves to the supreme authority. One practice we can do in this regard.

Let’s take a minute, sit in a proper manner and be attention on your mind level, see your mind and check it has no thoughts. Be in proper silence.

Mind Practice

For only one minute, it is hard to be in that state. Spirituality teaches us this to be in silence to charge your mind.

It is also the big steps and great work that you are here and reading about celibacy. It shows that you are a great soul. Every soul is great, but due to its low battery(low energy), their intellect is impure now and having many bad habits.

Many souls have no such power that they can not even realize their bad thoughts, word and deeds. And you are a powerful soul that you are doing research and reading information about celibacy. You are going to imbibe virtues like deities. From this, your thoughts, word and deeds will be pure and peaceful.

Check this quora answer on the same questions.

I want to be celibate but can’t I eradicate my *sexual desires?

According to me, when we clean our teeth on daily basis. It is not dependent upon mood. When I am in mood, then I will brush my teeth. No, It is not like so. Celibacy is the practice in which we try to be pure by mind, word, deed, relationships etc. We do practice on daily basis and day by day, we get success. When you fill the bucket with pure water, all dirty water is automatically removed. We do not have to pressurize to leave this waste thoughts. We have to focus on good thought, it will be removed automatically in some days. The thoughts will come, but you have to divert it to the positive side.

Mind is like child and child will ask you the bad stuff top eat, you have to tell them. It is not like that bad thoughts came in our mind and we just go into it to fulfill. Your child will ask you a knife, will you give it to him? No! The same kind, our mind is a child. And, sometimes it is a naughty child. You have tell about the wrong and good deed. Study some spiritual books to make our mind strong.

Swaman Practice: Main Master Sarwashaktiman aatma hu, 108 times in the early morning and 108 times before sleep. This will make our soul strong to control its subtle parts i.e. mind.

Like, we want to getup early and right now, we have habit of waking up late. How is it possible to getup early? We again have to practice to change this sanskar.

Good Thoughts, I am a wonderful soul, powerful soul, pure soul, master almighty. My thoughts, words, deeds are satyugi(satvik, powerful, pure).

It is very easy to control your mind and make it strong. Write your goal somewhere and stick in front of your eyes and check daily many times. It will be in your karma soon. There are many things which we have to perform in our practices like controlling our food habits, eat pure and satvik food, reading the spiritual holy books, rajyoga meditation(remember GOD as you are a child of god) etc.

Celibacy In Hinduism

When I was in childhood, I used to watch many serials like The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Shiv Puran, The Ganesha, The Vishnupuran etc. I had noticed that in ancient times, kids were used to go and attain the Gurukul. Now a days, we hear about hostel facilities where parents admit their children to hostels. But I found the great difference between gurukul and hostels. I heard about gurukul rules and regulations that children do have to follow the strict Brahmacharya(celibacy) in the student life. They have made their sanskara following celibacy strictly and their lifestyle is best and disciplined lifestyle. I heard that Hindu is not a religion. The religion is Aadi devi devta sanatana dharma.

I had watched many spiritual serials in my life and learned many things from it. I have noticed celibacy(Brahmacharya) in all the serials. They have given it importance. We can understand the importance of celibacy in this religion.

But now a days, peoples are changing rapidly and going towards the bad lifestyles. Celibacy is the great demand of current time, but no one is giving importance on it. We see some spiritual organizations which are giving teachings on it but no one is following. There are very less number of peoples who are actually following it and living with this good standard of lives.

Celibacy in Islam?

Celibacy doesn’t exist in Islam. If person is adult they should get married. This the sunna of our prophet Muhammad. After creation of Adam GOD also create her wife. The best relationship in front of GOD is husband and wife. – Jawed Ansari, My Muslim friend

Islam mein Celibacy ko jyada importance nahi dete hain, par Hajj ke time purity ko importance diya jata hai aur *sex prohibitted hota hai. iske alawa wiki ki ek link share kar raha hoon jisme aapke topic ko detail mein describe kiya hai. – BK Burhan Ali

Celibacy In Christianity

Check out this quora answer answering by many religions.

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