How Do I Give Up Any Bad Habits?

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First of all, we need to understand the bad habits and good habits. We should know the differences between them. Then we need to know the actual cause of these bad habits. We need depth knowledge of these and emerge all bad habits at the time of meditation and burnt all with our good thoughts, words and deed in the remembrance of almighty GOD .

Here in this post, i will share my life experience of leaving my own bad habits with the help of meditation, spiritual knowledge, following that knowledge and godly services.

Friends, GOD says, every souls have vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. These are some basics vices in souls. Apart from those, corruption, jealous, hate etc are there. I also used to be angry. And I also had these vices. I have been practicing the Rajyoga Meditation regularly and you will not believe the benefits of the Rajyoga Meditation that my anger is in control. It will surprise you also that many peoples have left their wine addiction and one robber has left his robbery with his all companions. Check out the proof video below.

Rajyoga meditation has its tremendous benefits. When, a robber can leave his robbery, then why can we not leave our small bad habits? I am sharing a video in which a robber is sharing his experience of living all types of sinful acts and imbibing the good sanskars.

Only when you become soul conscious and remember the Father will “your sins be absolved.” – GOD Says

I am the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is God – GOD

We do not have to leave any bad habits, but only need to fill our intellect with good thoughts by the spiritual readings and give power to your intellect by practicing the rajyoga meditation.

In this meditation, you will receive all virtues from the GOD and your intellect will be changed from impurity to purity. GOD has come to this world to make our intellect from impure to pure. And when our intellect will be pure, there is no bad habit in our intellect. It will be all clear. GOD says, the line of your intellect should be clear so that you will hear what GOD says. And you will be able to get touchings from the GOD and can save us from the Maya(devil thinking).

How am I giving up my lust vice?

GOD says, It(Lust, Kam Vikar) is the greatest vice, after that Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar. We have to win over it and imbibe the deities virtues to become deity. I did not know anything regarding this. I was not aware about these virtues and vices.

We celebrate the birthday of Sri Rama or Sri Krishna and arrange also the Satyanarayana Katha but did not know about them. Why are we doing these? We have to become like Sri Rama or Sri Krishna. Who has made them like this(Pujniya)? We need to realize the take the true Bhagawad Geeta knowledge and become like this(pujniya).

When will we become like deity? When I realize this very basic knowledge and imbibing these, then I could be able to realize that I(Soul) have many vices now and we have to remove these to become pure again. We ask the GOD to make us pure(Pavitra) from impure(patit). Now GOD has itself come to this world and making us pure from the true soul conscious knowledge.

Friends, When I completed the free 7 days course of the Brahma Kumaris and came to know that I am very fortunate soul that GOD has given me such knowledge to make me deity. I realized the same and started practicing the Rajyoga meditation. In this practice, I am getting lot of spiritual power to win over the lust vice and started practicing the celibacy(true and pure ghar-grihasth life). In this life, I have been feeling very happy and peace of mind. Because it is said, purity is the mother of happiness and peace. When we start becoming pure soul, happiness and peace automatically come in our life.

I daily practice the Rajyoga meditation and hear daily spiritual study in Brahma Kumaris where lac of people have been becoming pure. I will update here more.

How am I giving up my anger?

I used to be little angry since my childhood. I was not aware also that I was angry and serious person. Children brought this sanskar from the family, society(companion) and also brought from their past birth. I remember one thing that there used to be flight always among my friends in school life. But I was always separated from those fights. I did not want this.

But after school life, my anger was increased. I became angry due to social cause. I used to be angry on my younger brothers and sisters. It hurt me also. But I was not aware about it. Somebody told me that anger is like holding a coal fire on your hand and throw it to other’s face. It will burn your hand first.

When I came to know about Brahmakumaris and the Rajyoga meditation techniques. I realized my mistakes. I heard that when somebody do 7 days free rajyoga meditation course in Brahma kumaris centre, you will be able to leave your anger completely. I did that near my local centre and started practicing the same. I want to thank GOD that he has chosen me to know myself and for self growth.

When you leave your anger and keep practicing the same, you can also teach others also that how can they leave their anger. If you do not win over your anger and start teaching others, they will tell you that go and win your anger first. I again thank GOD that he has made me a “Nimit Aatma” to serve others. And I am proud’s to be GOD’s child. GOD has made me a true serve who has helped many souls to leave their anger.

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    1. Om Shanti, Thanks for your valuable comment. You are a great soul by your words. You are a great inspiration for society. You are serving good. GOD Blesses you. We should go and spend time with our nature naturally.

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