How do I give up any bad habits?

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First of all, we need to understand the bad habits and good habits. We should know the differences between them. Then we need to know the actual cause of these bad habits. We need depth knowledge of these and emerge all bad habits at the time of meditation and burnt all with our good thoughts, words and deed.

Here in this post, i will share my life experience of leaving my own bad habits with the help of meditation, spiritual knowledge, following that knowledge and godly services.

Friends, GOD says, every souls have vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. These are some basics vices in souls. Apart from those, corruption, jealous, hate etc are there. I also used to be angry. And I also had these vices. I have been practicing the Rajyoga Meditation regularly and you will not believe the benefits of the Rajyoga Meditation. It will surprise you that many peoples have left their wine addiction and one robber has left his robbery with his all companions. Rajyoga meditation has its tremendous benefits.

Only when you become soul conscious and remember the Father will “your sins be absolved.”

I am the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is God – GOD

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