How do I get over my Instagram addiction?

How do I get over my Instagram addiction?

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Yes. Hmm. This is also an addiction. Addiction is addiction. Weather it is if anything’s. We are working on the deaddiction campaign in Brahma Kumaris Organization. Addiction is nothing but a paper tiger. You can easily leave this. It’s all about the power of mind. We have to charge our mind. Rajyoga meditation helps in this regard. I will discuss in detail about the Rajyoga Meditation. In Brahma Kumaris, It is learned the Rajyoga meditation in which our mind becomes strong.

If you really want to leave this addiction, you have to take steps. You interest is very important in this regard. One amazing video sharing on Instagram addiction here:

get over my Instagram addiction

What kind of addiction is this? What is Instagram Addiction?

Instagram is a social media site. There are many social media sites in this world like Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram etc. Peoples are spending too much time on these sites and it’s app. These are very addictive. Now, tell, whose fault is this? Social Media companies or we peoples… You can comment on the same here.

According to me, science is growing day by day and daily lot of developments occur. There are many benefits of science and it is harming us too. Now, who can realize this? And take steps on this. I saw, there are many Youtubers who are uploading videos on the Social media addiction awareness. But what is the result?

These social sites are harming too much in the society. Deaddiction centers are opening for these. Lot of student’s life is spoiling. The destructions of values in people’s life is occurring. Who will stop this? Our society is spoiling day by day. Why is this happening?

In Brahma Kumaris, we meditate and thinking over it’s cause and solutions. 

What can be the cause of Instagram or Social media addiction?

According to me, we forgot ourselves and our values. It is like that, we could not able to take decisions ourselves, our all powers are diminished. Somebody absorbs our all powers and values like devils. They made us so weak. That is why, we could not able to take decision my own, somebody or some social media sites overpower my mind. This is happening in our mind. That is why, we always took my phone and start using Instagram or social media sites, chatting, doing live video, making reels or shorts, sharing stories etc. They cannot control their mind. How is the mind weak. Intellect is fully overpowered, they can’t take decisions. Here I am sharing an animation video which will clear the science behind on addiction.

Mechanism of Drug Addiction in the Brain, Animation.

Mechanism of Drug Addiction in the Brain, Animation.

Hope you understand the science behind the various kinds of addictions from above videos. Its all about the chemical produced in our brain. That is why, we stop using such social media sites for somedays, we do not feel good. It is the sign that you have become addictive. And addictions can be many types like social media, chewing gum, Gutkha, pan masala, cigarettes’, bidi, tea or any other things etc.

First of all, check out this unique video.

What To Do For Addiction Free Life?

Addiction Free Life

Hope, you knew many things about addiction free life. No body wants addiction but due to less power(energy of soul), they could not able to stop themselves. They keep falling and falling in their lives. No body helps. It is you and you only who can help yourself. Wakeup, Come To our Brahma kumaris centre to leave this addiction today now. 

Ultimate Living | Digital Addiction (Internet Addiction) | Ep 197 | Dr.Sachin Parab | Brahma Kumaris

Digital Addiction (Internet Addiction) By Dr. Sachin Parab, Deaddiction Expert

This is very dangerous addiction. And Whole world is falling into this ditch. They are more powerful than you. They are making such ditches in which you are falling down. You are not in attention. You just get into this trap. The dopamine is releasing in your brain. Just like you see some food like(Golgappa, Imli, Nimbu etc), you are having saliva in your mouth without having it.

Now, The GOD Says, you are a soul(a king), and your organs of senses and functions are your servant. They are not listening you. What should you do? This is a great spiritual knowledge of soul. We are all souls, powerful souls, peaceful souls. Purity, knowledge, peace, prosperity, power, love & joy are your real nature. When you forget this, memoryless, you become weak and you just fall into this trap. When GOD reminds us again, we started get out from the trap. And GOD comes and gives us the true knowledge of “Geeta Gyan” and teaches the Easy Rajyoga which gives us power(energy) to leave this addiction. This is the practice of Easy Rajyoga has been taught in the every Brahma Kumaris centres in all over the world. And these all are absolutely free service of GOD. You do not have to pay single penny for these.


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