How Can I Heal My Mind?

How Can I Heal My Mind?

The topic of this article is “How Can I Heal My Mind?”. Here we will discuss the same and share my live experience. How am I facing issues while going to heal my mind? So, first of all we need to understand the reason of disturb mind before healing it. We have to find the reason that who has disturbed my mind? Who is responsible for it? There are many healers available at our home and society like mother, father, doctor, teacher, friend etc but they are available outside. And, we are here talking about the inner-self i.e. mind. The disturbance is in my mind. I used to think that someone outside is responsible for my disturbed mind. But, when I started watching the BK Shivani videos, I got very useful information about my mind and after that I am able to heal it.

In this knowledge, I found the reason of my disturbed mind and after that I am healing it and making so strong. I found the basic reason of peacelessnesss of my mind. I am sharing some parts here:

We need to understand that who are we? and Why have we come in this world?

How Can I Heal My Mind?
How Can I Heal My Mind?

The answer is available in our holy books. First of all, to heal my mind we need actual knowledge(Aatam Gyan) and after that start practicing the meditation in which we connect our soul to the supreme soul to get energy. This meditation is called the Rajyoga Meditation promoted by Brahmakumaris.

Energy is needed for everything. If we are not emotionally strong or we have vices, it means that we do not have much energy. Everything is moving towards energy.

Who are we?

Everytime, I used to think that who am I? I always used to ask myself. But I could not understand. I said to me, you are a human body or ABC, son of XYZ or Indian or Son, father, husband or brother etc. It seems wrong. What about these all relations, it will ruined after my death. This is the first of chapter of the holy book “The Bhagawad Geeta”. I went to an spiritual event in which I heard about Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Viswa vidyalaya. I visited there and completed the 7 days course of Brahmakumaris in which I got the answer the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why have you come here(world)?
  3. Where is our actual home?
  4. Who is GOD?
  5. When has GOD come in this earth?
  6. How many births, do we take in this world?
  7. What is the significance of purity in our lives? etc
  8. How do we have to control anger or other vices, addictions etc?
  9. How can I heal my mind?
  10. How can I control thoughts and experience peace?
  11. How can I become a royal person like deities?

I had these types of spiritual questions in my mind, It solved now when I completed Brahmakumaris 7 days Rajyoga course.

I am soul not body. I have my hands, I am not hands. I have eyes. I am not eyes. I am playing a role of policeman in a drama. I am not a policeman actually. If I think, I am a policeman. It would be false. So, since long, we are stuck on many false thoughts and doing wrong. Now I realized my mistake and also knew the reason of my peacelessness and sorrow. We have to practice this soul-consciousness always. After that I learned that our soul has three subtle part mind, intellect and sanskara(habit). And soul is a king, these three are our ministers. I( soul ) am ruling over it. Update you more here…

Healing My Own Mind – My Experience

After getting this wonderful mystery about my mind, I came to know the exact reason. Now reason of my disturbed mind is very clear. I came to know that I am myself responsible for my mind. When someone is giving you an apple, and you are not taking it. He has the same apple in his hand. In the same way, someone abusing me and I am not taking into myself. But when I take it, I feel uneasy and annoyed. Who has created thoughts of irritation? I myself create thoughts then speak and them do work on that. I have lost respect for myself when someone abused me and started creating wrong thought for myself.

So, If someone is doing anger on you, you do not have to create negative or bad thought for you. You have to be in your respectful state i.e. I am a powerful soul. I am an angel. If someone is annoying you, it is his sanskar(impression or habit). I do not have to bother and seeing him like he is a person who has not energy or power, he is doing this according to his bad sanskar(habit). But this is a daily practice which we have to do by using the Rajyoga meditation. I am sharing a video, you can see below.

After that, I have been practicing the Rajyoga meditation in Brahma Kumaris centre and feel very good now. I practice daily in the early morning and filling the positive energy from the GOD. My negative energy is removed automatically when positive energy is there. In meditation, I forgive all people who had hurt me and also say sorry to whom I have given hurt. And say thank to all people in the world, nature who has given me everything like breadth, food, water, air etc. When we forgive all, there is no waste thoughts remain in mind and the mind is free from waste thoughts easily.

I getup in amritvela(3.30 am) and start meditation, read murli in Brahmakumaris class, spiritual books, do exercise, eat satvik homemade food(In god remembrance), following celibacy. I try to be in meditation stage for 8 hours in day. There are lot of practice required to control the mind. It has become easy for myself now. Practice makes a man perfect. Mind is like an uncontrolled horse. I(Soul) am a horseman(king who are controlling its karamindriyan both physical and subtle).

I practice the Rajyoga Meditation, feeling like going towards eternity.

In order to make your mind powerful, give yourself, the soul, the food of God’s awareness and power. – (23/03/20 Morning Sakar Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban).

Lot of practice is required to control your mind. When your mind is in control, it is healed and creates low number of thoughts. When we started creating lot of waste thoughts in our mind, it got hanged and this has become the reason for irritation and sorrow. So, we must give attention on our mind every second that what is my mind doing? Like a child, if any child is naughty and we are just fedup with him. We starts giving lot of attention on him and he is calm now. GOD says, we have to hire a guard named attention who’s duty is to guard our mind. No waste thoughts can enter into our mind without my(soul) permission.

Now, in another practice, we have to involve our mind into positive activities like remembering the GOD, reading spiritual books, holy books etc. We do not have to leave our mind empty. We have to make routine for our mind. Spiritually saying, GOD says only 2 thoughts should be in mind, “Main Kaun Mera Kaun”. When we see someone as body not soul, then waste thoughts are created.

We have to create thoughts of highest frequency – by giving gratitude(say thanks) to God, to our mind and body, to people, to objects we use, to nature and everything.

Nourish the mind with few minutes of affirmations(e.i I am a great soul) along with visualizing the entire day being happy. Meditate for a few minutes, and then read inspiring messages for the next few minutes.

Choose, decide and implement. Read uplifting, inspiring messages for 15 minutes to help your mind create pure, perfect thoughts.

I will update more here. Check out this video till the time:

How Can I Heal My Mind?

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