How Alcohol Affects The Body Long Term

How Alcohol Affects The Body Long Term

Date: September 25, 2020 Posted by: admin In: DeAddiction

How Alcohol Affects The Body Long Term

Alcohol is universally consumed by adults and even young children through out the world irrespective of cost creed or sex and without any consideration of time space, location and wealth.

The type of drink too varies depending on the choice or taste of an individual. We all know, when you start drinking in take a back seat and even disappear. In the beginning one or two drinks do not effect your actions. However when these or more drinks an hour you do things you would never do.

Alcohol Affects The Body

You also say anything that you may not mean. Too many drinks change the chemistry of the brain. Alcoholism affects the pre frontal cortex of the brain, the area responsible for impulse control decision making and making correct judgments.  

How Alcohol Affects The Body Long Term
How Alcohol Affects The Body Long Term: Credit: talkitoutnc

Drinking for 5 or more years has reinforcing affects, it activates the brain stress areas causing an elevation in the stress related hormones resulting in stress on work or public image, heavy medication or even death by a stroke.

Effect of Alcohol Facts

Brain Damage, Cancers, Heart and circulation, lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, Intestine, Kidneys, Fertility Decrements, Bones Damage, Weight Gain, Skin problem, Sexual Problem, mental health issue

Other Effects

Road Accidents and other issue like violence
Relationship Damaging
Left Jobs etc

In Recent Case Studies: Three people are died due to bad habit of taking alcohol in front of my eyes. I just entered in MCA(Master In Computer Application) and started doing job, then I met different kinds of people and their habits.

There was a tailor who used to drink wine on daily basis in the evening.   Suddenly, he has started drinking all day long. Due to this, his business has been lost completely and he was too ill not even walk. Suddenly, doctors said no and he died.

It was bad habits of him which was the main cause of his death. In second story, one of my friend’s maternal uncle died due to same cause and in third case, one person died from road accident due to heavy drinking. I do not understand that why do people drink?  

Ways to stop drinking alcohol on your own

  • Recognize That You Have a Problem
  • Commitment is a Must
  • Modify Your Environment
  • Find a Hobby and Get Busy like Blogging, start writing on the same topic and guide people
  • Know Yourself Better
  • Bring home a pet
  • Reward Don’t Punish
  • Learn and Practice The Rajyog Meditation
  • Start Reading The Geeta Gyan
Overcoming Alcohol Addiction
Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Start some good habits which will reduce your bad habit:

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