Top Healthy Tips For Good Mental Health

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Tips To Maintain Your Mental Health

Hello Friends, Why I am here to write about illness of our Mentally ill Mind, sometime it happens and it change our life completely either wrong way or good way. Do you know? When does it happen?

Healthy Tips for Mentally ill Mind to Save yourself from negative thoughts

Healthy tips for mental health

When you are unsatisfied by some reasons, whatever may be the reasons. This unsatisfactory comes into our life, when we are going to perform some wrong thing, I mean the work done by you which did not come from your heart, you had done it unwillingly. It will not satisfy your heart and mind on that time you started thinking wrong way.

What is the mind body connection?

Think Positive
Think Positive

There are some of the real life cases in our life when our mind think in a negative direction: Suppose

1. When you could not meet your girlfriend or your girlfriend has deceived you
2. Something you expected and you could not get it, means Expectation which could not be completed
3. Somebody who were very close to you, who cheated with you or hearten you

4. You are in prison due to some wrong cases, your mind becomes Mentally ill in prison.

5. When your business partner has cheated you.

6. When you are doing spiritual practice and you did not perform the good things due to previous bad habits(Sanskar)

7. And now a days, I was checking information on depression, in every home, you will get 1 depression patient. Depression comes in our lives due to negative mind.

Why negative thoughts come in mind?

There may be many reasons in our lives from which we may be hearten, our mind do come in big depression and started thinking negative. It may be spoil our life and career. You are not mentally ill, but you should think positive on that time, so that you can recover from that condition. You should not expect anything from anyone, the only thing, you do your own and never depend on anyone.

How can I be just happy?

You will never be hearten from anyone. This is the practice which we have to perform to recover from it. Negative thoughts are ready to come into your mind, when your mind is giving space. You have to be busy in good things always and do not give space to negative thinking. Suppose, I have a hard disk and it is free now. You are not using it. Someone comes and ask your hard disk to use it. You do not know how they are using it. When you open window, dust also comes. You have to care and close your window at the right time. There are some reasons of negative thinking like previous bad habits, our five sense organs(eyes, nose, ear, tongue, hand), previous birth sanskar(may be), day to day activities etc.

Meet with the GOD a Point of Light
Meet with the GOD a Point of Light

Positive thinking and mental health

When we are in depression and do more worry, on that time, our mind has gone stuck and we can not think positive, our mind pushes to think negative and do negative activity like drinking, smoking etc. In our Holy book, The Geeta, it is also written that 95% peoples are negative thinking people and 5% peoples are positive thinking people in the world. We need to produce positive thoughts to overcome depression. Depression is nothing but a discharged battery(mind). We need to charge it on daily basis (like my cell phone which we need to charge daily) and see where your depression has gone away. See this article:

Mental Health Insurance And How To Avail It?

How to deal with negative thoughts and feelings

It is so crucial to keep your mind cool and health to get productive results from your activity. There are great contributions to have such healthy mind in our body. Healthy mind can give you immense pleasure and happiness.

Some of the healthy mind tips, which can help you, when you are in such condition and can not able to think anything. To remove negative thinking, first of all, we need to do research on cause of it. It is great question in our mind always “why negative thoughts come in mind“.

  • What is the reason for negative thinking in our mind?
  • How do I overcome negative thoughts?

According to me, for example, when our cell phone’s battery is died, we could not able to use our cell phone. Same thing happened in our mind. When our mind is tired, it does not work. We have to charge our mind with morning and evening meditation and with reading holy books daily basis.

How to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind

I experienced the effect of Rajyoga Meditation which has helped me to become positive guy. I used to be negative guy before trying the Rajyoga Meditation. But after trying this, my negative thinking has gone away. I feel so happy now.

How to stop negative thoughts anxiety?

It is a kind of mental disorder, we do not have to go anywhere. Its all about our sanskara. We do not have to change anything, we need to adopt new one. We can cure it at home only. Just try Rajyoga Meditation daily basis. You can learn it from any center of Brahmakumaris which has centers all over the world. It will remove your anxiety from your life and make you happy forever. Visit any nearby center of Brahmakumaris and understand its knowledge and try meditation.

How to overcome negative thoughts. Some tips on how to deal with negative thoughts and anxiety

1. Keep yourself busy always in your extra curricular activities, hobbies, your work, social services. Involve in spiritual services without any selfishness.
2. Start morning and evening walk daily to have healthy mind. Yoga & Meditation can help you.
3. Get rid of your friends which demotivate you always.Social Media distance. If you are using it, use in good direction. Only follow people who share positive news and information.
4. Always think positive towards all people
5. Dis-join such group where they do talk about third person always like in whats up, Facebook Group etc
6. Whatever you do, you do with your full interest, if you are not having interest, just leave it, do not do that.
7. Do not expect anything from anyone
8. Good sleep is only cure for mind, so go to bed on time, and getup early in the morning. It is very urgent to be awaken in the early morning. We do not have to sleep that time. This is the time to adopt news sanskara and habit in our sub-conscious mind. Prefer morning meditation, morning spiritual studies(Read Holy books), practice the same in whole day which you learned in holy books. Checking and Changing.
9. In the morning time, when you get up, just prepare your to do chart for all day long, and follow strictly. Do not be free. When you have completed your work, you can read books, walk, listen good motivational music which has sense.
10. Listen meditation music while walking
11. Always update yourself to read daily newspaper(should be in your interested language). Only for information purpose and no negative news only positive news. 12. Finance pays important role for satisfaction, so you should save some money from your salary. Money is everything. 13. Eat Satvik Foods(Good and pure food like bhog). This food is very important for our mind.   I have one real life example, in one of my friend’s family, his maternal uncle has been cheated and involved in wrong case. He has got prison till the case running. In prison, he was not mentally healthy. Many times, he has to go hospitals. In this situation, we should not think negative but fight the situation and try rajyoga meditation.  

Guided meditation for healing illness

These are some of the points in my mind to have healthy mind, if you have something in your mind to add it, just add your opinion in comment section on “Negative Thinking Mentally ill Mind”. I am sharing my own experience about negative and positive thinking people. I joined the Brahmakumaris centre in India. Its centers are everywhere in world. We can feel mental peace after taking some education from there.

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