Meditation For Healing Illness

Guided Meditation For Healing Illness

Date: September 25, 2020 Posted by: admin In: Rajyoga Meditation

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I want to attract your attention towards my mom’s RA and her energy to defeat the illness with Rajyoga Meditation and some natural techniques. She was so sad about her chronic disease.

Arthritis can never be cure… Is it possible to be fine practicing this meditation?

She has RA since 7 years. I was too young and could not feel my mom’s pain. My father brought my mom to some local physicians and they could not able the find out the disease and was giving pain killers.

There is no effect of medicines on it. She has fed up with these treatments. She could not able to understand this. At last, somebody suggested to visit rheumatologist and now she is fine and taking proper medicines of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This was all about the doctor’s treatment.

Is it possible to cure arthritis naturally?

Arthritis can not be cure. Pain and stiffness can be lower down by medicines. Medicines are not only the solutions in this chronic disease. You have to follow some natural cure for arthritis techniques like hit pad, some exercises, hot drink water, green tea and some foods. You can visit the linked article in which I have written “how to cure arthritis naturally”.

I had mentioned also about the Rajyoga Meditation which has many benefits to heal illness and gives happiness and peace of mind.

Rajyoga Meditation for healing illness

Rajyoga Meditation for healing illness

Guided Meditation For Healing Illness
Guided Meditation For Healing Illness

I personally felt very good experience from The Rajyoga Meditation by Brahmakumaris. We have to learn this meditation first to start practicing. In any of the Brahmakumaris centers, we can learn it easily and free of cost.

I would like to share some experience of this mediation’s effect. I have learned this in my local Brahmakumaris center and started practicing it.

Can you be peaceful when someone badly reacted on you?

I felt an experience that when somebody used to abuse me earlier, I reacted badly. And after meditation practice, It has changed completely. I started living with peaceful mind and use to be in Silence and remembering the supreme lord. It gives me inner peace and happiness.

I brought my mom also to that local BK center. She also learned this Rajyoga Meditation. Although she has many diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, diabetes, stomach issue etc. She needs this meditation a lot.

Cure Arthritis with the help of meditation?

She has completed the 7 days Rajyoga meditation course and practice this meditation. I have been practicing the Rajyoga meditation for four years and doing this experiment on my mother. I have been healing my mom’s disease. She has RA since 7 to 8 years and still she works so hard at home. Her fingers are not straight but still she writes some spiritual mantras from her hand. I felt very good effect on her body, mind and soul. She is happy now and facing these diseases happily. There is no depression at all. She is well from the GOD’s blessings and power.

Can meditation heal the body physically?

Yes, friends, I have practiced the same and can say to you from my practical experience. There are many Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga meditation centers are opened in many countries in the whole world. They are doing well. We can ask it from any people’s who have been practicing the Rajyoga meditation. You can visit your near by Brahma Kumaris centers and can ask the experience from any practitioner, they can share with you honestly.

When we sit and start practicing the Rajyoga meditation, we receive the GOD’s light into our soul and from our soul, the light spreads in the whole body organs, which heals our body. Meditation is nothing but it is the combination of positive thoughts which we create while doing this. Suppose, I have arthritis, we can practice this meditation and create positive thought about my body. “I am a healthy soul”, “I am a powerful soul, GOD’s light is coming and making our soul and body powerful”. It can help us in any diseases like stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, heart disease, BP, Sugar, immunity, emotional issues and resolve pregnancy issue.

Guided Meditation for Healing illness and Recharge Yourself

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