Family Problems Sorting Out In The World

Family Problems Sorting Out In The World

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Hello Friend, Brothers and Sisters,

Today, I am going to discuss about the family issues in the whole world. Why are family issues increasing in the world? Why are families not happy at all? Why are peoples want to live alone now a days? Why are opinions of members of the family not matching at all? What are the reasons for differences in relationship? What causes family problems? How do you fix family problems?

Family Problems Sorting Out In The World

Family Problems Solutions

Now a days, peoples are fighting and there is no control on their anger in the same family. They are fighting and blaming each other. In earlier days, peoples used to live together in the joint family with love. But now a days, If there is only two members in the family, husband and wife, but still they are not happy and fighting with each other and planning to live separately. They can not live happily in the same place.

What is the reason of the fighting in the family?

I feel, the main cause of this fighting is our vices i.e. kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego) which is said in our holy books. These are devilish property and qualities which over power mind and intellect. The power of the soul has decreased now. When the power(battery) of our mobile phone is decreased then what do we do? We charge the battery or keep power bank with us to charge the phone always. Otherwise, we could not able to use our mobile phones.

The power of our soul has decreased now that is why we are seeing symptoms of discharge soul(battery) which is anger, lust, ego, greed, attachments, corruption, hate, jealous etc. These are the symptoms of discharge soul. Due to this, mind and intellect are hacked and the people could not able to take good decisions.

How can we sort out the family issues?

Now we need to charge our battery. When you are charged, you can charge the discharged soul also. When you are peaceful, your whole family will be peaceful. Your peace vibrations will work over your whole family. When agitation vibration works and whole family members become restlessness. Then, will your peace vibration not work? Even this is more powerful than that.

So, we need to understand ourselves and start charging our soul. How do we charge our soul? We can charge our soul with the supreme soul(almighty authority, GOD) only. GOD says, see yourselves as a soul and remember me, I will solve your all problems and charge yourselves and fill yourselves with all divine virtues and make yourselves gods, goddess.

What is a soul? Soul is an energy which is a king of all sense organs. Soul is a deity of our temple(physical body). Souls order and our organs work. Every souls have three subtle organs mind, intellect and sanskara(habit and impression). Let’s connect the sanskara of both family members. When someone marry, it is said that both husband and wife have same 16 kala virtues. Pandit jee looks their Kundali and start matching the same. Every souls have different sanskars and based on these habit(sanskara, impression), the souls work with their organs. Suppose, one soul has the sanskara of anger. He will be angry always. But this sanskara of anger is his habit. What is my habit of sanskara? We respond to people based on my sanskara.

We need to understand this. When I marry to someone, she has different CD of sanskara which has been recorded earlier. And I have different CD of sanskara. Both may or may not match. You can watch the videos of BK Shivani to understand these things. We need to understand this algorithm of sanskara and live in the family with this understandings.

How to turn a negative situation into a positive one in family: Case Studies

#Scene 1 :

Negative Scene: Suppose, why does such situations occur in the family when any member started telling you that “leave me alone”.

Positive Scene: This is very tough situations when someone will start telling you ‘leave me alone’. He or she may be in depression where he or she wants to live alone. Never leave him/her alone. Just talk and start motivating. Sit in Meditation with them. Use high vibration or inspiring words like “You are very powerful soul”, “GOD says, success is your birth right.”, “You are great human being”, “Remember GOD, ALL is ok”, “Be happy”, “All is well”. These kinds of worlds you can use to inspire them. But never leave them alone, keep talking. And try to talk freely, ask them each and every thing so that they can feel light. In alone, the situations may be increased. Do not use any negative words while talking. Give gift a spiritual books. Visit to Brahma Kumaris Centre where one can practice the Rajyoga meditation to leave happy life.

#Scene 2 :

Negative Scene: You are married now. There is always a fight between you and your wife. You are fedup now. What is the solutions?

Positive Scene: This is very common situation. Who is realizing first, this issue must be solved. You are very intelligent person. You have to take responsibility to solve this. You have to take any positive step. You have to show your tolerance power. If you could not able to make her understand, you have to spread positive vibration. When she says something, you have to keep silence. You and your wife can talk later when she is in good mood to discuss something. Never take any decision while in anger. And when you will start discussion, just inspire your wife with good and high vibration words. You can motivate her before discussing anything. I already mentioned about discharged battery(soul). We have to recharge our soul on daily basis by practicing the Rajyoga meditation. You can practice it and also recharge your wife’s soul. Your issues will be solved soon and your home will become paradise.

#Scene 3 :

Negative Scene: You have your own opinion and your other family members have different. They are not listening you. What you should do?

Positive Scene: See, everybody has their own mind, intellect and habits(sanskara). No body is equal. Everybody has different thinking style based on their impression. You will win when you accept the people with their impressions or habits. You do not need to worry seeing their habits(sanskara). GOD says, always see their qualities.

#Scene 4 :

Negative Scene: No body is taking care of me, no body is talking with me, I am feeling alone. There are many members in the family, still I am feeling alone? What should I do?

Positive Scene: I have seen this issue in many family. Thanks God, I go to Brahma Kumaris meditation centre where I learn to be happy even in this situation when no body is with us. I can understand this situation in your life, when you are feeling that no body is talking with me. In this situation, we have to check that EGO lies within us and kill that EGO. Go and become leader, take initiative. Say sorry to all who has low feeling about you. See, everything is solved from this short word ‘Sorry’. This is very good virtue to say sorry. Due to EGO, we feel negative and lastly we are exhausted. I personally felt this experience in my life. I follow the spiritual knowledge and apply on the same. Now, secondly, when you are not in the position to say sorry or meet them, you just practice the Rajyoga meditation and say sorry to all such souls and also forgive to all souls. Write a letter to the GOD in which write each and everything which is creating tension in your life. This will also solve your problem.

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