Evaluate Your Emotional and Physical Comforts

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I am watching this video and reviewing the same and sharing our experience in this regard.
We have to give two things to our family: 1. Comforts and 2. Happiness.

Friends, we are so busy in our lives to provide comforts to our family and have been working all day and night to earn more and more. We think that money can give them more comfort lives. But friends, according to me, money is not everything by which our family will be happy and contended. 

Everything we give to our family but they still need something which we can not feel. We have achieved outside a lot in past years but lost many things inside. When we sit in silence, then we could be able to experience the same. BK Shivani is the great spiritual and motivational speaker. Check out her above video which I have included in this post. She told us in very easy way to understand this.

Emotional Comfort In Relationship

Evaluate Your Emotional and Physical Comforts

Everything we have in our home but still missing something. I heard one story in which a father looked after his son with each and everything. He was not short of anything. Son says after growing up you gave me everything but no love and no time. Father was thinking the same and crying. He was thinking that I give everything to my son and did labor hard, did not take care about health but still my son is not happy.

Friends, we again have to think about our lives that what are we doing and where are we going in our lives. Are all satisfied and contended by me? We are doing labor hard to earn fat money. We do not give any single second to ourselves but still people are not satisfied by me. Now, we need to think about our lives and set the preference. 

We need to give time to ourselves and energize our inner self like morning meditation, morning exercise, spiritual study, office work with balance emotion, eating satvik(pure essence) food, following the lives of our deities, evening walk, talk with myself, meditation before sleep. I mean to say that we do each and everything but we have to do each and every karma following the srimat(Godly statement) like deities. So that our emotional, mental and physical health will be good. 

For this we need to take care of our mind each and every second so that our mind will be cool doing each and every karma. There is no sign of anger in my mind. Everything we do and live our lives with all comforts. In the mean time, if we do anger or irritating. We say that it is normal. Some body says that in this busy life, such emotions are normal. But this is the sign of bad mental health. We are comfortable outside by our external sources but not comfortable inside.

Sometimes, we irritate, anger and say it is normal. Then we justify and say this is the life. We have to get angry to get things done. But this is not the world. Anger is not the virtue, it is vice and bad kind of vices according to our holy books.

Getting angry is like lift and throwing the burning coal to others. The burning coal will effect you first of all and burns hand. It disturb the mind also which will effect in others works. It can disturb the other’s mind too. After that we say that I got angry because of him/her. It means he controls you. Your remote is in other’s hand to control you. This is not a life. We want to be free always in our lives. 

No body should control anyone. For this, we have to awake our inner power by meditating and sending this inner power to another one too. We have to think positive in any situation. Because our negative thoughts affect another’s life. This is the vibration. 

If we are happy, we would be sending the vibes of happiness. If we are angry, we would be sending the vibes of anger and the whole environment in our home has become serious and full of negative vibrations. The environment around us depends on our nature. Just like, If we use AC at our home. It will make the environment cool. If we use heater at our home, it will heat the whole house.

BK Shivani says, people say paradise is the another world where we have to go. But she said, you are stuck in the traffic jam and you are stable. It means you are in paradise. It is not the outer world. But we have to live in this world itself and be stable in every situations. 

To stable in every situation, we need to know ourselves first. This is very easy. If we know ourselves, it has become easy to stable in our lives. Who are we? We are a soul, energy not body. We have become body conscious and due to this we are sad in our lives. Because we forget ourselves. We have to be in soul consciousness to be happy always. We have to release all negative thoughts which we have hold since long.

Our soul is a battery which is discharged now. The symptoms of discharge battery(soul) is anger, irritation, hate etc. We have to recharge our battery(soul) from the supreme battery(energy, soul). The sign of full and recharged battery is purity, knowledge, love, happiness, peace, power, joy. 

The supreme soul, who is our godfather. We have to connect ourselves to GOD to recharge ourselves. This process is called Rajyoga. You can learn this Rajyoga Meditation by visiting the nearest Brahma Kumaris centre or online at www.brahmakumaris.com

Recharging our soul is the great demand of this current time in which everyone is getting angry and giving pain to others.

Thank You.
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