Emotional Training To Overcome Anger

Emotional Training To Overcome Anger

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Can we leave the habit of anger? Emotional training is needed like physical training. We train ourselves physically or mentally daily, we do exercise, yoga etc. But, Are we giving training to our emotional health? I am going to share a video which has been shared by BK Shivani who is giving wonderful training on brain and emotional training. I have learned many things. This video is in Hindi. I am going to elaborate it in my words.

What Is Emotional Training To Overcome Anger?

Emotional Training To Overcome Anger

Emotional Training is like charging our mind & soul just like charging our mobile phones daily. In this training, we create good & positive thoughts in our mind to make it strong and prepared for the exam of lives where we will meet many kinds of people who has different ‘sanskara’ or habit.

Are we going to appear for the exam without any preparation?

This heading looks weird. No body will go for the exam without any preparation. We do exercise daily and prepare ourselves physically. Are we emotionally trained? We go to office or somewhere else and suppose somebody did something on which we become angry. We say, he did so, that is why, I angry.

We give our remote control to another hand. They can control me. They make me happy or sad. No, our remote control is in our hand itself. We are not emotionally trained enough to appear in such exam. In lives, every second we will have to give exam. For which we have to train our brain in the morning daily like exercise & yoga. We have to be well prepared for the role which we are going to play in our lives. Suppose, we are going to play a role husband, we need to be prepared emotionally for this role first. We have to protect ourselves to play this role. We have to learn this at any cost, because I have chosen to play this role. For example, we have chosen to go into fire to puts out the fire, but what did I prepare for it? We wear the fire fighting dress first before going into it.

So, the moral is to play the same role or face such an exam after preparations(emotionally trained), but we do not have to create hurt and hatred. Because every time, we create hatred in our mind and after that we do not feel good. So, we have to take care of our own emotional health an after that we have to play that role. Now, what is the preparations which we have to do to become emotionally fit?

GOD’s Teachings on Anger Management

GOD says, We are not a body, we are all souls which runs and rule on this body. The soul is the king of this body. The soul is the deity in this temple i.e. body. Peace is our original virtue. We are not charging our soul or we are not giving emotional training to our mind.

That is why it is going on the wrong way. Before going to appear in any exam of lives, we should train myself (soul) on the daily basis like charging my mobile phones daily. We should charge our soul too, so that It can face any such negative conditions of lives. It could not impact our mind so that peace is there itself. We have to give at least 15 minutes time to ourselves in the early morning to recharge myself. In the morning time, absorption power is very high. Our minds are fresh. We meditate to connect with the Supreme soul. We read spiritual books. Newspapers contain information, which we can read later. But first 15 minutes in the early morning, we will give to my inner world to become emotionally strong. We have not been taking care of our emotional health. We have never thought about it.

Here we are going to cover some important questions(taken from Google search) which has been asked by people:

How to control anger during conversation?

During conversation, why are you going to become angry? Here GOD says, always talk in soul consciousness. See yourself and others as a soul. Talk on the basis of soul to soul. Always understand that everybody is playing their role and talking based on their own impression or sanskara. You never imagine that what are the other person going to talk? So You should be ready always for anything and make yourself so strong. Whatever would the other person say, we are ready. I am so strong enough to listen anything. Why should I angry in any situation? Always clean your mind and intellect with the help of Rajyoga meditation and be easy. Have the attitude of universal brotherhood and we are all the son of the GOD.

How To Control Anger Immediately

I am sharing my experience. I have been practicing the Rajyoga meditation and doing same since 5 years. Rajyoga meditation taught by Brahma Kumaris helped me a lot in this regard. See, What do I do? We remind ourselves that I am a soul and son of the supreme soul who is an ocean of peace. He says, you are a peaceful soul. Peace is your real nature. There are numbers of thoughts which we learn in the Rajyoga meditation which helps us to control it immediately.

First of all, we are doing practice not to become angry. But when you already have anger, at that condition, how are you going to control it immediately. For this, spiritual knowledge is required. And from spiritual knowledge(Brahma Kumaris), our new habit(new programming of sub conscious mind) is formed of peace and joy. On the basis of that programming, we never angry at any situation. This is a practice in which you can fall down too, but never sit there, just stand up and start running.

From the spiritual knowledge, we start practice the Rajyoga meditation, in which we get powers from the supreme. He is the Ocean Of Peace and Power. We are so strong enough and concentrated so that we can connect ourselves to the GOD and get powers to tolerance to control anger immediately. There is no such medicine available in the market for that. You have to learn and practice the Rajyoga meditation and get powers from the supreme. Rajyoga meditation helps us to cool down our thoughts which controls the anger immediately.

How To Make Yourself Emotionally Strong?

In this video, BK Shivani sister said that emotional health is dependent upon our emotional diet. Emotional diet is what we watch, read, listen, eat and drink. These five things matter to make emotional healthy. These five things have their own vibration. You can watch the full video below. First of all, we have to take care of the vibration of these five things. We have to take attention on it’s vibration.

If I want to be emotionally strong,

If I want to be happy,

If I want to be easy,

If I want to be compassionate,

If I want to accept people,

If I want to forgive,

If I want to able to let go easily,

I will have to watch, read, listen and take care of the contents which we are taking in. That is the spiritual study which we have to take in the early morning. Spiritual studies are high vibration contents. In Brahma Kumaris, we have 24 hours, we give 1 hour to myself and visit to our meditation centers for spiritual studies and meditation.

Emotional Intelligence Training

In this training, our mind and intellect will become so strong to face any kind of situations of lives. We will become emotionally so strong. In this training, self-realization is first priority. We know about ourselves. And when we know ourselves, it is become easy to solve any issues in our lives at own level.

In this video, BK Shivani says about emotional intelligence training and giving teachings on self-awareness. Who Am I? Who Is GOD? How to connect to the GOD? How to get powers from the GOD?There are many questions like this which we have to solve in our lives to become emotionally strong. And to solve these questions of lives, Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization, they offer 7 days Rajyoga meditation course which is absolutely free in all the centers of Brahma Kumaris. We have to connect to the GOD and take powers for every karma which we do. After that We have to implement on every karma in our lives. To whom, we remember, our mind is connected to the power of that person. That is why, we have to remember the GOD every time, so that our mind is strong always.

About BK Shivani

BK Shivani is the great spiritual leader and motivational speaker who has got the “Nari Shakti Award” From the President Of India. She is from the Brahma Kumaris organization. She is very popular among all types of people(Student, old age, children, office executives, political members, families etc) in the whole world. Follow her on the twitter.

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