Criminal Eyes and Civil Eyes

Criminal Eyes and Civil Eyes

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03/08/2019 Sakar Murli

According to Murli(GOD’s statement, spiritual study) in Brahma Kumaris,

Sweet children, your eternal relationship is of brothers. You are brothers and sisters in the corporeal form and this is why you can never have criminal vision.

They say of you that you make everyone into brothers and sisters through which there is a pure relationship and there isn’t criminal vision.

By your having this vision for just this one birth, there won’t be criminal vision in the future.

Maya is very powerful. You children understand that the criminal eye is very deceitful. Whilst there is the criminal eye, you are unable to follow the direction to be brother and sister. The civil eye changes into the criminal eye. When the eye stops being criminal and you develop a strong civil eye, that is called the karmateet stage.

22/07/2019 Sakar Murli

People are criminal eyed. One is to be civil eyed and the other is to be criminal eyed. Deities are viceless, civil eyed whereas people here in the iron age are vicious and criminal eyed; their thoughts are vicious. Criminal-eyed human beings are in the jail of Ravan.

Everyone in the kingdom of Ravan is criminal eyed. There isn’t a single person who is civil eyed. You are now at the most auspicious confluence age. Baba is now changing you from criminal eyed and making you civil eyed. There are many types of criminal-eyed people. Some are semi and some are another percentage. When you become civil eyed you will reach your karmateet stage and you will then become brotherly-eyed (have brotherly vision). When the soul looks at the soul, the body no longer remains, and so how could you be criminal eyed?

Murli Manthan – Spiritual study

Baba says that Criminal eyed people are in the jail of rawan. There are two eyes from which we see pictures and see the body of others, i.e. body-consciousness. When we realized and have soul-consciousness stage, it is called civil eye. God gives us good intellect power called the third eye, from which we see ourselves and others always a soul. We are in soul-consciousness stage always. This is called civil eye. When this stage comes, it is called Karmateet stage, in this stage, we see every souls from our third eye(pure intellect) that they are the sweet children of GOD and playing a wonderful role in this world drama.

When we are not in Gyan, We do not have the knowledge of soul and GOD and we see everyone as a body not soul. GOD says, do not see body, see their Head gem(mastak-mani). Become a soul-conscious and remember GOD(the supreme soul), your all sins are absolved and liberate us.


The main thing is purity. Some even write: Baba, Maya made me fall. My eyes became criminal! The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls. That’s all! We now have to return home. We have to remember the Father.

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