Is there a way one can have control on his thinking?

how to control your thoughts

I found this question on quora and trying to understand this. What could be the way by which we can control our thoughts? Again one question came in my mind, what type of thoughts do we want to control? All Thoughts? No!

We are trying to control only evil thoughts, negative thoughts. Why? Because it harms. Negative thoughts are spreading disease in our body.

We say that “Jaisa Mann, Waisa Tan”. Somebody answered that it is not possible to control your thoughts. What is the need to control it? It is very mysterious topic that what are thoughts? And why do it come into our mind? I am just thinking on these and sharing my thoughts on this question.

Sometimes it is difficult to change negative thoughts, why ??

Sometimes it is difficult to change negative thoughts, why ??

The burden of sins is high on the soul, so it feels that everything is impossible, nothing will change but there is also a solution for this or rather it is the first step of self progress.

  1. Read or listen to full literature filled with positive thoughts again and again.
  2. Associate good people.
  3. Correct your routine i.e getting up and sleeping time.
  4. Increase the amount of fresh fruits and water in your diet.
  5. Even if you do not want to perform your daily duties, fulfill it by your heart.
  6. Earn one daily virtue.
  7. Keep faith in God and yourself, everything changes in this world.
  8. Wait with sincere faith for good change.
  9. Apologize to those who are hindering your life and forgive them.
  10. Let everyone give prayers in your heart every moment.

Surely your control of your mind and intellect will start increasing and then you can focus it wherever you want, it is the spiritual talk only, it is our own experience.

Experience:How to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?

I am in my spiritual journey where I have learned to control(reduce) my thoughts. We know that generally 95 percent of our thoughts are negative and waste which brings diseases. And only 5 percent of our thoughts are positive. This is number-wise according to person to person. I am sharing my own experience in this regard:

When I used to sit in meditation, I could not able to do that and waste thoughts used to come. I started practice to control it. Let’s say, you are sitting on meditation for peace and these thoughts are coming:

How will I achieve success in my job? What are my children doing at home? Will my child get first rank in his study?

These thoughts are waste at this time, when you are doing meditation. You are trying to meditate. On that time of meditation, we have to learn to divert my waste and negative thoughts to positive. Like, we can think:

GOD is a powerful almighty authority. I am also a powerful like GOD. I am a sweet child of GOD. I am a great, peaceful and pure soul. GOD says success is your birth right. My children are also a powerful and peaceful souls. GOD is with us and everything will be fine.

We have to divert those negative and waste thoughts to such positive thoughts. By this kind, I have been practicing. I read and churn the spiritual study called Murli(GOD’s Teachings) which is run by the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University on Daily Basis and also practice the Rajyoga Meditation. I get this positive affirmations and thoughts from this holy Murli and have been increasing my database(sub-conscious memory) of such positive thoughts. I get strength to control my mind from the Murli. They teach the Rajyoga Meditation also. There is the combination of YOG and Gyan. I have many experiences of controlling thoughts of my mind. I knew about Respected Dadi Janki Jee(Brahma Kumaris’s head) who has left her body now. She had controlled her mind upto delta level. Check out these short videos:

Most stable mind lady in the world Dadi Janki chief of Brahma kumaris

What are some instances when negative thinking can actually help?

We have to think such things which we want. Mind will give some opposite thought which you do not want. Mind will be giving you those thought. What can do you?

Suppose, we have to go to New Delhi for class and on the way, mind is giving thought to watch movie with friends today and let’s bunk the class. On that time, who can take the right decision? A pure and sharp intellect.

This is the game of mind. Mind gives thoughts based on our previous habit(sanskara) or data stored on our sub-conscious mind. We have to make our intellect pure so that we can take right decision. We always say like that “mann kar raha hai(my mind wants it…)”. Mind is our best friend and enemy both. So, we have to make our mind a good friend and trying to divert it in a positive way.

How To Control Your Mind And Thoughts? Possible?

According to my spiritual practice, when we try to control our thoughts without knowing that how to divert it. Number of thoughts are increased. This is my real life practices. I had started practicing this in starting phase of my spiritual practice and found this subtle things that when I was trying to control my negative thoughts, it was increased again and again. I did not know more about this that time. I started researching more with the help of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University where I have been reading and listening the spiritual studies.

Mind is innocent but based on our previous karma by our sense organs and old sanskaras, thoughts comes again and again. What can we do when we could concentrate on particular things and focus on the present karma. We can study some good books written by great souls, read practical life experiences of the great peoples, do the mind exercises etc which can make our mind healthy.

We have to deviate our thoughts from negative to positive. We can not control our thoughts, but we can practice to divert it. Now the question is where should we divert it? We should know every positive aspects of negative thoughts and we have to do it immediately. This would be the great deed when we divert our thought immediately. And it is possible by daily spiritual practices.

Like following:
Thought – I can not do this. It is impossible for me.
Diverted thought : I am a great and powerful soul. I am a child of GOD. Success is our birth right. I can do this. Even Impossible says I am possible.

Manage Your Mind, Because Your Thoughts Control Your Life.

What happens if we try to control our thoughts?

One thing I want to share my own experience that waste thought is your great enemy and keep attacking. Waste thought is the biggest weapon of mind when mind is your enemy.

We have to talk to our mind like child like this :

O my mind, listen to me and answer me that what do you want? Where are you stuck now? Are you feeling well with this negative and waste thoughts?

When you just focus on mind and started talking to your mind, your thoughts are in controlled manner. Example, when children are playing game and their parents are not watching. They can do anything due to ignorance. When you started watching your children, they are in control and say that mom is watching us. We can do the same practice on our mind and make your mind your child. Take time daily and start talking with mind. You will see your mind start becoming your friend.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to put yourself back in control of your life. Watch how your mind obeys instructions and your body supports your goals. Master the art of self-control:

I am a powerful being … I am the creator of my every thought … word … behavior … I use my mind the right way … situations may not be my way … my mind is always my way … I choose where to focus … what to see … what to listen … what to speak … I see goodness in everyone … I am untouched by public opinion … I live a disciplined life… I am the master of my mind … I am the master of my body.

I want to share one video here:

Day-1: Understanding Our Thoughts

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