Change Negative Scenes Into Positive

Can we change negative scenes into positive?

Change Negative Scenes Into Positive

Yes, we have an inbuilt power in our soul to change it. But due to low power, we could not able to do that and keep spreading negativity in the environment. We did not know that it spreads pollution in the environment.

Negative Attitude – Impure Souls

1 – Never Say Sorry Even when they are guilty

2- Blame Others for their mistakes

3 – Think They are at the center of the universe

4 – Only Think About themselves

5 – Secretly hope Others fail

Recharge Your Soul

When we recharge our soul daily basis by positive activities like morning meditation, reading spiritual books, morning walk, be in silence in the morning, physical exercises etc, then our mind starts working positively and make even negative scenes into positive.

Do we know? When we think one negative thought, it started creating disease in our body. We know that, when we think anything, it generates energy and spreads in the environment. If any people think negative all the day, they are creating negative energy.

The most important thing, this negative energy first of all goes to our brain and creates cause for many diseases. It damages many things in brain. Brain itself controls the whole body. Even brain will not work properly, it will send this negative energy to all parts of the body. It will become the big reasons for many types of diseases. That is why we need to be very positive, create positive thoughts and beautiful thinking.

Example of positive thoughts and beautiful thinking:

I am ever healthy – Every time remind your mind that I am ever healthy.

I am a pure, powerful, ever happy, peaceful soul.

So, We have to work on ourselves first. We are very busy all the time and never talk to ourselves that what do I want? So, convert very busy into very easy.

Take Small Break

So, We need to take a small break for a minute or two and started talking to ourselves and give a series of positive thoughts to ourselves. By this way, all negative thoughts will be replaced by positive thoughts and it will stable our mind.

When we start over thinking, our mind is hanged and we could not able to decide anything properly. So good decision making skills, we need to keep our mind cool, concentrated and full of positive thoughts. After only, our intellect will perform in a positive manner.

Spreading Peace To Everyone

In Office or somewhere, we have to take a break for a moment and say to yourself – I am a peaceful being, my real nature is peace, I am spreading this peace to everyone around me like employees, family members etc and giving peace to them.

This is the simple tips to change our thoughts from negative to positive and make our and others mind peaceful. We need to be peaceful and spread peaceful vibrations to others.

We have to spread peace only to everyone, even if I am not receiving peace from others. This small meditation practice will keep our mind peaceful all the day. The same can be done for one or two minute every hour.



With your pure and elevated vibrations, change negative scenes into positive.

We need to work on our vibrations, need to check every time – do we have any negative thoughts in our mind? From checking, we could be able to make our thoughts positive. If, we can keep this record in written also. When we write our goal, it will send clear instructions to our mind and mind executes them. It will make our thoughts pure and elevated.

Positive Attitude – Elevated Vibrations – Pure Thoughts

1 – Apologize for their mistakes

2 – Aren’t Afraid To Take Responsibility

3 – Are Always Ready to Help Others

4 – Think About Other’s Need

5 – Want Others to Succeed

Case Studies: We Can Turn Scenes Negative to Positive

#Scene 1 :

Negative Scene: Suppose, a man is full of waste thoughts now and tries to stop and could not able to do that. He is feeling so difficult to remove waste thoughts that time.

Positive Scene: He needs to increase his concentration power and learn the art of speaking to his mind with love. He has to talk to his mind with love and affection. Because mind is like child. Then He could be able to free himself from waste thoughts. Mind wants love. Meditate for a minute and he should talk to his mind. Be in remembrance of high and powerful words for your mind like say to your mind : “YOU ARE A POWERFUL SOUL”, “YOU ARE A LOVELY AND PEACEFUL SOUL”. This type of powerful thoughts will finish your waste thoughts.

#Scene 2:

Negative Scene: A person is feeling tension after coming under pressure and negative situation. A challenging situation comes and he was in pressure. Generally, people started feeling tension when such situation comes.

Positive Scene: When this person is calm and cool, he makes the right decisions. That is why it is told that never make any decisions when you are in tension, angry or any other opposite situations. We are a child of GOD and GOD is ever peaceful. Child has become like his Father. The real nature of the human is peace only. But due to opposite circumstances, human feels anger or discomfort. In this negative scene, he needs to experience the inner state of calm and clear all thinking. It will enable him to make the right decisions.

#Scene 3:

Negative Scene: A Person who is in need and he is helpless and always spread feelings that he is unhappy and in sorrow and wants happiness from others. In such situations, it is very difficult for that person to create positive thoughts.

Positive Scene: The real mercy is that which takes care of that person and supports him with positive vibrations, kindness, joy and happiness. If we become happy, others will become happy automatically to see this vibrations. If I am happy in negative situation of our life, we can heal our mind and maintain calm & peace of our mind. And, in calm mind, we can be able to take right decisions.

#Scene 4:

Negative Scene: A Person who expects from their family a lot and when it is not fulfilled, he was disappointed.

Positive Scenes: So, Friends, what is the reason that we have expectations from others? What did you receive? Happiness or sorrow? So, Why should I expect anything from others? Although it is giving sorrow. We do not have to keep any single expectation from others. And be like deity(Devi-Devta). Deity always gives you and never expect anything from you. Always gives others and never ask anything from others.


How To Think Right In The Right Situation

Positive Thinking

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