Achieving Happiness Through Rajyoga Meditation

Rajyoga meditation

Achieving Happiness Through Meditation

We are talking about achieving happiness. Why? Where is it gone? Why is it needed to achieve now a days? Happiness means being happy from your inner soul not showing happy from outside only. I am sure that Happiness lost somewhere and it is very far from the people now a days, sitting and watching us from there.

Happiness is laughing and thinking about us that who can achieve me and giving us a challenge. Now a days, people are doing various things to achieve this but still nothing in hand.  Is happiness in our physical things like successful business, relationships, foods, travelling, listening musics etc?

Achieving Happiness Through Meditation

We start any business, get profit and become happy.  We go to restaurant or cook food and become happy to have it. What are these? These are small happiness which we want to achieve in our lives. But here, which kind of happiness (permanent), we are talking about. People can earn money but can not buy happiness.

Achieving Happiness Through Meditation
Achieving Happiness Through Meditation

People can cook food but can not buy health. In the present time, we have to think that why are peoples not happy? Even things are all good in comparison to older days. But, day by day, peoples are losing happiness not achieving. And it leads to various kinds of diseases.

Lets say one thing seriously, how many times do we laugh in a day?

Please tell seriously or ask yourselves, how many times do we laugh? It is the best medicine of all diseases and the best thing is that it is absolutely free. There is no charge that we have to give to anyone. We do not have time to laugh at least in our lives. Then, how can we achieve happiness? In the early morning time, when we getup from the bed, what do we say to ourselves?

“Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise”. This is the truth of life. We should follow this. Getup early in the morning and give first thought to your mind. We should tell the following to your mind in the early morning to make healthy mind:

What a beautiful life we have!

What a beautiful family we have!

What a beautiful society we have!

What a beautiful country we have!

Now a days, people getup and check their mobile phones firstly. We should meditate after waking up and fill positive thoughts that time. This is the part of healthy lifestyle. Happiness already present in our mind like Ghee(clarified butter) present in milk, the only thing is that we have to tell our mind. It is like lotus in a mud. We have to make our mind with full of positive thoughts and knowledge and remove the negative things.

Negative Thinking Vs Positive Thinking?

Negative things make our mind week every second. And This is called meditation, in which we connect our mind with the positive things and remove negative things for healthy mind. Meditation(YOGA), means connect your soul with the greater soul like connect your mobile with the internet and download.

In the mobile, we download various things as per websites we surf. The same thing is here in meditation, we can connect our soul to greater soul(GOD Father) and download happiness, power, knowledge, holiness, peace etc and make our mind full of these things. It will make our mind healthy. Now a days, our connection to that greater soul has been disconnected and connected to those waste souls and downloading those waste things from that waste souls. We have to check every second that from which soul our mind is connected. Good or bad?

Happiness depends on our connections(meditation). Every time, we are meditating(connecting) and our quality of karma depends upon these. People do bad karma due to bad connections and do good karma due to good connections.

There are many kind of meditation(connection) i.e. yoga but Rajyoga meditation is the highest quality of meditation in which we connect our soul directly to the supreme soul(GOD). For which we have to have knowledge about the Supreme Soul(GOD), then only, we could be able to make connection with the GOD. You can go to the nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre to learn the Rajyoga Meditation and start practices. You can learn it online also.

So, Happiness is the thing which we should find it in out inner soul. Soul has many properties like love, happiness, peace, holiness, knowledge, power which is inbuilt in every soul. Every soul has to find these in their inner self. How do we find these? Rajyoga Meditation will help us to find these and makes us the master piece like deities. I am Ravi kumar, admin of, is here to share my experiences of Rajyoga Meditation. I have been practicing this meditation and feeling great.

I am Ravi kumar, admin of, is here to share my experiences of Rajyoga Meditation. I have been practicing this meditation and feeling great.

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