3 Words Which Can Change Your Life Towards Positive Vibrations

3 Words Which Can Change Your Life Towards Positive Vibrations

Date: September 25, 2020 Posted by: admin In: Mental Care, Positive Vibrations

I was watching a video of BK Shivani, sister at Brahma Kumaris. I just motivated to watch it. She told the three words which can change our life towards negativity to positivity. What are the three words?

I saw my cousin uncle who is fed up in his relationships and family. Both husband and wife are used to fight every time. And they have been quarreling since they are married. Their children got married but they still fight. I was searching the same. Why do they do like this in front of their kids. I have many questions in my mind regarding this family issue like following:

  1. Why are some people not happy in their relationships?
  2. Why have some couple got divorced in very short span of time?
  3. Why are some families happy and some are not happy?

I started watching videos of BK Shivani and my all questions regarding family and relationships are solved. She used to talk about destiny and karma. All of us have different destiny and karma. According to that we behave each other. I read somewhere also that if we remember these three words, our relationships would be peaceful and enjoyable.




Turn Life Towards Positive Vibrations

These three words can change our lives completely and our relationships would be better in our family. These three words have great power to exchange positive energy and vibrations.

Suppose I told you about my cousin uncle, if they are fighting and one of them told sorry to other, what will happen? The whole vibrations will be changed and they again will start loving each other. Instead of saying sorry, we started fighting with each other. Both persons are angry and our relationships are spoiled.

Again, Thank you and some praise words will increase the energy of others. If somebody has done great things for you, you should just say thank you. If you do not say ‘thank you’, what will happen? Its all about energy and vibrations, weather it is positive and negative.

And third word is ‘I LOVE YOU’. This word spread love in relationship and family. First of all, lets check that how many times do we use this word in our family to spread and happiness. If we want that somebody love me, we have to love first. In family, generally we got offended to each other. It is also not good and spread negative vibration which deplete our energy. I was talking about three words, these are very strong words.

Release Your Pain

If we are not happy in our family and our relationships are not good, we should practice Rajyoga Meditation. You can learn this to visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre which have centers all over the world.

We have to release our pain in our mind first and meditation will help us to do the same. First of all I have to change and after that spread positive vibrations to the world. You can also check out my website NegativeToPositives.com in which I have tried to cover all topics regarding positive vibrations.

Check out the discussion in this video:

Keep Watching Videos Of Bk Shivani for such topics.

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